The length of time it takes to complete the program depends on the program you select.

  • The Morning program will take three (3) years (six semesters) to complete.
  • The Afternoon program will take two (2) years (four semesters) to complete.
  • The Evening In-service Advanced program will take four (4) years (eight semesters) to complete, taking a minimum of six (6) units each semesters.

The cost of the program varies depending how far into the program one is and which 15 unit course block is being taken. Each course has its own requirements for tools, books, and supplies.

First semester
  • Tuition, Books, Supplies, Health and Parking Fees: Approximately $400
  • Required Tools (Basic and Course Set): Approximately $1,200
For each semester thereafter
  • Tuition, Books, Supplies, Health and Parking Fees: Approximately $400
  • Required Tools (Course Set): Approximately $300

Yes, financial aid is available to students who qualify. To determine if you qualify, contact the Financial Aid office.

Students can receive applications through any of the three methods indicated below.

The application deadlines are as follows:

  • Deadline for Fall Semester start is April 15.
  • Deadline for Spring Semester start is November 15.

The application must be received by the deadline date to be considered on-time for the following semester.

Late applications are accepted but will be considered only after all qualified on-time applications are processed. If there aren't enough fully qualified, on-time applicants to fill all openings in the Automotive Program, applicants will be taken from the fully qualified, late applications.

You should receive notification on the status of your application approximately six (6) weeks after the application deadline.

You can take Auto 710 during the Summer, if your application is in by the deadline and you have met all other requirements. You must obtain a grade of 'B' or higher in Auto 710 to be eligible for the program.

Yes, you can talk to a counselor prior to enrollment. Drop-in counseling is available or contact Counseling for more information.

Yes, simply call the Automotive Department at (650) 738-4126 to schedule an appointment.

Skyline College is located in San Bruno, California, which is 20 minutes south of San Francisco and west of the San Francisco International Airport. Get directions to the college .

The Automotive Technology Department occupies Skyline College Buildings 10, 9, and part of 8. View a map of the campus.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please call us at 1-650-738-4438.