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Hall of Fame Inductees

Commited to Excellence

The Skyline College Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1985 under the leadership of Andy Ruiz. The purpose of the Hall of Fame then, and now, was to recognize not only the excellence of our student-athletes and programs but to strengthen the bond between Skyline College and the local community. Over the past three decades over 100 individuals have been inducted spanning all the sports offered at Skyline since the program began in 1969. The current Hall of Fame is located on the bottom floor of Building 3 on the Skyline campus. If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact Joe Morello.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Sport(s)First NameLast NameYr. Inducted
Volleyball Dorene Basuino 2018
Cross Country, Softball Kristen "Carley" Gracia 2018
Badminton Stephanie Cheung 2018
Basketball Marie Colón-Perez 2018

Coach:Badminton, Softball, Volleyball

Player: Basketball, Cross Country, Softball, Volleyball

Jan Fosberg 2018
Badminton Graciela "Gina" Gomez 2018
Cross Country, Track and Field Veronica Hodge 2018
Basketball Kelly Huey 2018
Badminton, Softball, Volleyball Tricia Sanford 2018
Soccer Midori Sims 2018
Softball Catherine Stelling 2018
Soccer Marie Torres 2018
Baseball Tony Johnston 2011
Basketball Michael Alexander 2011
Basketball David Doubley 2011
Basketball Anthony Haggins 2011
Basketball Jeremiah Ross 2011
Basketball Brad Smith 2011
Basketball Cyrus Stutts 2011
Basketball Bryan Thomasson 2011
Basketball Vern Thompson 2011
Basketball Otis Ward 2011
Basketball Coach Pete Pontacq 2011
Soccer Coach Frank Mangiola 2011
Wrestling Coach / Wrestler Keith Spataro 2011
Baseball Robert Robe 2003
Basketball Irvin "Joe" Adams 2003
Cross Country & Wrestling Olga Lara-Camacho 2003
Soccer Eddie Castillo 2003
Softball Geri Wheeler-Lepeltak 2003
Track & Field John Garvey 2003
Track & Field Mike Gravelle 2003
Track & Field / Cross Country Coach,
Athletic Director
Robert Lualhati 2003
Volleyball and Track & Field Lanettra Powell 2003
Wrestling Gary Goodrich 2003
Wrestling Coach Lee Allen 2003
Athletic Director Andrew Ruiz 1990
Basketball Mason Larkin 1990
Basketball Joe Sweeney 1990
Basketball Wyatt Sweeney 1990
Cross Country Marijo Connelly 1990
Program Director Arnett Caviel 1990
Soccer Nelson  Arcaya 1990
Soccer Pablo Gonzalez 1990
Softball Marcy Prince-Snedeker 1990
Track & Field Tom Swartzell 1990
Volleyball Karen Fitzpatrick 1990
Wrestling John Contreras 1990
Baseball Chris Gaggero 1989
Baseball Doug Hupke 1989
Basketball Derrick Johnson 1989
Basketball Ken Powell 1989
Basketball James Rhodes 1989
Counselor Mario Lombardi 1989
Soccer Robert Bagneschi 1989
Soccer Oscar Padilla 1989
Softball Carolyn Burns 1989
Track & Field Kevin Adams 1989
Track & Field Tony Fotinos 1989
Track & Field Greg Trafalis 1989
Wrestling Nat Medrano 1989
Baseball Scott Akeson 1988
Baseball Lou Holt 1988
Baseball Roger Homer 1988
Basketball John Collins 1988
Basketball Tim Dunham 1988
Board of Trustees Elanore Nettle 1988
Dean, Counselor Joaquin "Babe" Herrero 1988
Soccer Kurt Devlin 1988
Soccer Murkesh Nath 1988
Softball Kim Rupert 1988
Softball Kathy Watkins 1988
Track & Field Art Diaz 1988
Track & Field Steve Roller 1988
Track & Field Linda Spaargaren 1988
Volleyball Mary Lotti 1988
Volleyball Kathy Tamblin 1988
Wrestling Ali Nazari 1988
Wrestling Herb Weller 1988
Athletic Trainer Gary Iacini 1987
Baseball Doug Morganti 1987
Baseball Steve Sbragia 1987
Basketball Frank Denucci 1987
Basketball Mark Felix 1987
Basketball Brad Levesque 1987
Basketball Reggie Love 1987
Basketball Nick Pappageorge 1987
Basketball Ted Scott 1987
Basketball, Volleyball & Softball Kilistina Palepale 1987
Basketball, Volleyball & Softball Maribeth Salvatin 1987
College President James Wyatt 1987
Cross Country Mike Gulli 1987
Cross Country Robert Lange 1987
Golf Rory Poblitz 1987
Soccer Mike Haas 1987
Soccer Yaacov Yami 1987
Softball Nina Tuccori 1987
Sports Information Director Sam Goldman 1987
Tennis Katy Blume 1987
Track & Field Ike Allmond 1987
Track & Field Lorenz Lebherz 1987
Wrestling Steve Cook 1987
Wrestling Craig Scheone 1987
Baseball Rich Adkisson 1986
Baseball Phil Fredirico 1986
Basketball Marty Gale 1986
Basketball Paul Reynolds 1986
Basketball Coach Lyle Newcomer 1986
College President Phillip Garlington 1986
Cross Country John McVeigh 1986
Cross Country John Moreno 1986
Soccer Jaime Arevalo 1986
Soccer Mark Dillon 1986
Soccer Rick Lee 1986
Soccer Coach Norm Friedeberg 1986
Tennis Mike Fitzgerald 1986
Tennis Mike Francis 1986
Tennis Ken Roberts 1986
Track & Field Bart Pierce 1986
Track & Field Gordon Snyder 1986
Track & Field Kerry Threets 1986
Track & Field Jim Wyatt 1986
Wrestling Don Wright 1986
Basketball Coach & Athletic Director Walt Rilliet 1985
Custodian Tony Geraldi 1985



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