It is increasingly imperative that Skyline College provide students with the appropriate background and knowledge to work and thrive in any part of the globe. With this in mind, the Skyline College African Diaspora Program is a new campus-wide program designed to lead to a new degree under the Global Learning Programs and Services Division. After graduating, Skyline College students will be able to transfer to a 4-year degree granting institution to earn a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. Program components include: Student Exchange, Faculty and Staff Exchange, International Students Recruitment, Curriculum Exchange, Joint grant development on new projects, and a speaker series.

african diaspora program

The African Diaspora Program supports:

  • Providing Opportunities for Internationalizing the College
    • To develop an informed community and an enriched student population that can function independently and successfully in a global setting.
  • Sponsoring Programs of International Studies and Exchanges 
    • To promote the understanding of cultural differences and the value of diversity, making us more effective in our own society and the world.
  • Developing Linkages Among Institutions of The World 
    • To share information, gain insight, and advance by improving our knowledge of the world in relevant disciplines and technologies.
  • Providing Technical Educational Assistance to Other Countries 
    • To build and use state-of-the-art models through which top quality technical and vocational programs can be established and sustained.
  • Presenting arts and cultural experiences through education, curriculum and outreach 
    • To represent the contributions of people of African descent in various parts of the world through a series of lectures, symposia, or conferences on issues of major significance, that highlight the arts and humanities within a cultural, social, political and historical framework.