Standard I Team

Name Position Role
Ulate, David Interim Dean, Planning Research & Institutional Effectiveness, Presidents office Co-chair, Administration
Shetaya, Crystal Financial Aid Technician, Student Services Co-chair, Classified
Campillo, Carla Counselor, Student Services Faculty
Corsiglia, Kevin Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance Faculty
Espinueva, Melanie Counselor, Student Services Faculty
Gibson, Chris Instructor, Language Arts Faculty
Gorostiza, Angelica Division Assistant, Business Classified
McCarthy, Soledad Workforce Development Classified
Michelitsch, Melissa Associate Professor, Biology Faculty
Smathers, Katelyn Student Student
Jing Luan Vice Chan. Educ Svcs and Planning District Liaison

Standard II Team

Name Position Role
Ray Hernandez Dean, Science/Mathematics/Technology Co-chair, Administration
Shaw, Leigh Anne Instructor, Language Arts Co-chair, Faculty
Komandina, Melissa Counselor, Student Services Co-chair, Faculty
Acidera Jeff Instructor, Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance Faculty
Alverez, Alejandro Student Student
Bates, A.J. Instructor, SMT Faculty
Biagi, Laurie Instructor, Business Faculty
Blake, Joi Vice President of Student Services  Presidents Office Admin
Brenner, Eric Librarian, Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Brown, Kate Instructor, Business Faculty
Cariadus, Amory Coordinator, Student Services Classified
Carlson, Don Dean, Business  Admin
Case, Chris Instructor, SMT Faculty
Cirilo, Marc Senator Student
Colombetti, Carlos Instructor, Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Corral, Nohel Interim Director, Language Arts Division Faculty
Escobar, Jackie Counselor, Student Services Faculty
Fredricks, Stephen Instructor, MESA, SMT Faculty
Fosber, Jan Instructor, Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance Faculty
Ha, Katie Instructional Aid, The Learning Center, Language Arts  Classified
Hernandez, Ray Dean, SMT Admin
Hewitt, Tom Director, Library, Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Hough, Rick Instructor, SMT Faculty
Kapp, Nick Instructor, SMT Faculty
Lariviere, Judy Assist. Tech Computer Specialist, Student Services Faculty
Marra, Christiane Communications Manager, Presidents Office Classified
Meschi, Vincent Senator ASSC Student
Mosby, John Dean, Enrollment Services, Student Services Admin
Navari, Jude Instructor, Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Nguyen, Vanson Instructor, SMT Faculty
Norris, Maria Administrative Analyst, Presidents Office Classified
Roumbanis, Christine Instructor, Business Faculty
Saenz, John Instructional Aid, The Learning Center, Language Arts  Classified
Smathers, Katelyn Vice President ASSC Student
Takayma, Arthur Instructor, Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Valelomar, Dina Counselor, Student Services Classified
Westfall, Jeff Instructor, Language Arts Faculty
Wolbers, Dennis Librarian, Library, Social Science/Creative Arts Classified
Wong, Karen Instructor, Language Arts Faculty
Williamson, Mike
Vice President of Instruction Administrator
Jing Luan Vice Chan. Educ Svcs and Planning District Liaison

Standard III Team

Name Position Role
Morello, Joe Dean, Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance Co-chair,
Carter, Pat Division Assistant,  SMT Co-chair,
Briones, Eloisa Director of Business Services, President's Office Admin
Carlson, Don Dean, Business Admin
Carter, Pat Division Assistant, SMT Classified
Cervantes, Alma Instructor, Business Faculty
Fredricks, Stephen Instructor, SMT Faculty
Lamson, Barbara Financial Analyst, Operations Classified
Petromilli, Jim Coordinator of Distance Ed, President's Office, Retired  
Richards, Anjana Director, Workforce Grants, Presidents Office Classified
Shkurko, Alex ASSC - Commissioner of Finance Student
 Blackwood, Kathy Interim Vice Chancellor of Business Services, District Admin
District Liaison
Della Bona, Patti Project Manager, Facilities, District Classified
District Liaison
Inokuchi, Richard Facilities Manager, Facilities, District Admin
District Liaison
Joel, Harry Vice Chancellor, HR, District Admin
District Liaison
Nunez, Jose Vice Chancellor, Facilities, District Admin
District Liaison
Powell, Karen Facilities Operations Manager Admin
District Liaison
Raznick, Eric Director, ITS, District Classified
District Liaison

Standard IV Team

Name Position Role
Carlson, Don Dean, Business Co-chair,
Schmierer, Tiffany Instructor, SS/CA Co-chair,
Cariadus, Amory Coordinator, Student Services Classified
Erpelo, Liza Instructor, Language Arts Faculty
Fitzpatrick, Kathy Division Assistant, SS/CA Classified
Lopez, Richard Student Student
Lorenzo, Susan Registrar, Student Services Classified
Moynihan, Michael Instructor, SS/CA Faculty
Nevado, Nate Counselor, Student Services Faculty
(2011-2012) Beringer, Connie Dean, Language Arts Admin
(2011-2012) Chow, Jason Student Student
Christiansen, Barbara Director of Community and Gov Relations/District District Liaison