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Skyline College Promise Scholarship

The Skyline College Promise Scholarship is available to high school graduates and students who recently completed their GED or Adult Education program and who enroll at Skyline College full-time and plan to earn a certificate or degree.

The Scholarship supports the College's Promise to help students "Get in, Get through, and Get out...on time!" by making college more affordable and ensuring that higher education is achievable for all members of our community. Recipients receive a waiver covering all enrollment fees for any gap left after applying your financial aid award.

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The 2017-2018 Skyline College Promise Scholarship Application is now open!

The scholarship is available to high school graduates and students who recently completed their GED or Adult Education program after December 1, 2016. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP IS AUGUST 2, 2017.

How Do I Apply?

U.S. Students      International Students

You’ll begin the online application process by creating an OpenCCC account.

During this process you'll be asked for your intended major and an educational goal, along with some basic personal, educational and residency information.

After applying, you’ll receive your Student ID Number (G-Number) via email.

Submit your Promise Scholarship Application by August 2, 2017.

Funding is limited so apply early!

Students need to apply for Federal Student Aid (17/18 FAFSA) OR the 17/18 California DREAM Act in order to be eligible for the Skyline College Promise Scholarship.

New Student Orientation, either online or in-person, will provide you with the information, resources, and tools you need to be successful at Skyline College.

We offer an Online Orientation for students who cannot come to campus, although we highly recommend you schedule an in-person Orientation through our counseling office located in Building 2.

Skyline College offers two options:

  • You may take Placement Tests in English / English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and mathematics to help determine appropriate course placement.
  • You may be evaluated through Alternative Placement by using high school transcripts and/or tests.


Counselors are here to help you navigate your educational experience and reach your goals. You'll need to meet with the Skyline College Promise Scholarship counselor once in both the fall and spring semesters. You’ll discuss your placement results, select the courses that are right for you and create a thorough educational plan to help you map out your academic experience.

Once you’ve completed steps 1-6, you’ll be issued your registration date. Please note that you will only be able to register for classes on or after your registration date. Visit WebSMART to register for classes, pay fees, view grades, access your student email and purchase a parking permit.

Check the Registration Dates to get an idea of when you may be scheduled to register.

What Does the Promise Scholarship Cover?

The Promise Scholarship will cover all student fees and lending library access for the first year that a student is enrolled (Beginning in Fall semester, and continuing through Spring and Summer semesters). 

Scholarship Includes:

  • The below fees:
    • Enrollment Fees
    • Health Fee
    • Student Rep Fee
    • Student Union Fee
    • Student Body Fee
    • Note: Fees are covered for Skyline College fees only
  • Lending Library Access

What Are My Responsibilities as a Recipient?

Recipients of the Promise Scholarship must agree to:

  • Enroll full time (minimum 12 units) for fall and spring terms only.
  • Maintain academic progress, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and a completion rate of above 50%.
  • Declare a major by the start of the spring 2017 semester.
  • Complete a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) by start of the spring 2017 semester.
  • Meet with Skyline College Promise Scholarship Counselor once in both fall and spring semester.