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Meta Majors

Meta Majors are an easy way to search for and find the major that’s right for you! The degrees and certificates within a Meta Major share courses to help you to complete on time. About

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Arts, Languages & Communication

Meta Major

Are you a person who enjoys performance and self-expression through art, film and media? Then take a look at these degrees and certificates.

Degree Type
Cosmetology AS
Cosmetology CA
Cosmetology Entrepreneurship CA
Esthetician CA
Digital Film-making
Basic Digital Filmmaking CA
Interdisciplinary Studies
Arts & Humanities AA
Letters & Science AA
English AA
English AA-T
Spanish AA
Spanish AA-T
Media Arts:
Communication Studies AA-T
Communication Studies AA
Journalism AA
Journalism CA
Journalism for Transfer AA-T
Performing Arts:
Dance AA
Music AA
Music for Transfer AA-T
Visual Art:
Art AA
Art History for Transfer AA-T
Studio Arts for Transfer AA-T
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Business, Entrepreneurship & Management

Meta Major

Are you a person who enjoys managing money, projects and people, or is interested in starting your own business? Then take a look at these degrees and certificates.

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Science, Technology & Health

Meta Major

Are you a person who enjoys technology, solving problems, building things and learning about sustainability or the human body? Then take a look at these degrees and certificates.

Degree Type
Automotive Technician AS
Automotive Technology AS
Asian Engine Performance Tech CA
Automotive Advanced Engine Performance Tech CA
Automotive Chassis Technology CA
Automotive Drive Train Technology AA
Automotive Electricity/Electronics CA
Automotive Engine Performance Technology CA
Automotive Entrepreneurship CC
Automotive Technician - Entry Level CC
Biological Sciences:
Biology for Transfer AS-T
Biotechnology AS
Biotechnology Manufacturing Assistant CA
Interdisciplinary Studies
Health and Physical Education AA
Letters and Science AA
Social and Natural Sciences AA
Kinesiology for Transfer AA-T
Physical Education AA
Mathematics AA
Mathematics for Transfer AS-T
Medical, Health & Wellness:
Allied Health Science AS
Anesthesia Technology AS
Anesthesia Technology CA
Central Service Technology With Clinical Practice CC
Emergency Medical Technology CA
Massage Therapy CA
Public Health Science for Transfer AS-T
Respiratory Care AS
Respiratory Care BS
Surgical Technology AS
Surgical Technology CA
Physical Sciences:
Geology for Transfer AS-T
Physics for Transfer AS-T
Natural Science AS
Technology & Engineering:
Advanced Computer User Support CS
Climate Protection Professional SC
Computer Science for Transfer AS-T
Construction Management CC
Electrical Engineering AS
Energy Efficiency AS
Entry Level Computer User Support CC
Network Engineering AS
Network Engineering CA
Residential Energy Assessment and Retrofitting SC
Residential Energy Efficiency CA
Solar Design, Estimation, Finance, and Sales SC
Solar Energy Technology CS
Solar Installation CA
Solar Technology, and Business AS
Solar Technology, and Business CA
Wiring & Installation CC
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Society & Education

Meta Major

Are you a person who is interested in examining identity, culture, human behavior and relationships? Then take a look at these degrees and certificates.