Who can use The Learning Center?

Students who wish to use tutoring services at any Learning Center Lab must enroll in one Learning Skills (LSKL) Class. Learning Skills are not graded and students can choose between:

  • LSKL 803: A free, repeatable class with zero units that is non-degree applicable
  • LSKL 800: A pass/no pass class with your choice of 0.5 or 1.0 units of credit
    • 0.5 units = approximately 1.5 hours per week spent using Learning Center resources
    • 1.0 unit = approximately 3 hours per week spent using Learning Center resources”
    • For each .5 unit that you are enrolled in your LSKL 800 class, you will need:
      • A minimum of 24 hours of verified Learning Center visits
      • Three completed Directed Learning Activities (DLA) to receive a grade of Pass (P) and full credit at the end of the semester (48 hours and six DLA’s for 1.0 unit)

What if students just need to print?

Priority use of computers and printing is for students who are enrolled in a Learning Skills (LSKL) course. Students can access printing and photocopying in the library without signing into a computer or enrolling in an LSKL course. The Library is located directly above the Learning Center in Building 5.

How do students print?

Students buy a print card from the machine near room 101 (next to the copier). 1 card is .50 and comes with two prints. The cards can be recharged at the same machine. The cards are also used upstairs in the library (there is another machine there).

Students must click "print" and a print window will open on the desktop. They must type their name in the box and click "Print." They go to the print station and insert their card. They will see their print job there - they click and it prints.

Why do the computers sometimes refuse to print?

Occasionally, the client that connects printing goes offline and has to be rebooted. Instructions for this are in one of the drawers at the front desk and below. You'll likely do this enough times that you'll get to know the procedure well:

  1. Go to Start>Computer>C drive
  2. Click on the PopQuest folder
  3. Find the blue PopQuest icon (it looks like a computer) and double-click it.
  4. Tell the student to retry the printing process.