Final Grade Reports

Final grades are submitted on Websmart. You must also return the Official Class Records and Attendance Sheet to admissions and records by the deadline. Deadlines are posted on Websmart. For additional assistance, contact the CTL (Center for Teaching & Learning) director, the admissions office or the evening office.

WEBSMART Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. At the portal page choose WEBSMART
  3. Choose log onto WEBSMART
  4. The username is your social security number
  5. The password is your 6 digit birth day (example, 010199)
  6. Choose login
  7. Choose faculty services
  8. Scroll down and choose "Enter Final Grades"
  9. Choose the appropriate semester and class
  10. Enter grades
  11. Once completed, click Submit

Letter Grades

The grades from a grading scale will be averaged on the basis of the point equivalencies to determine a student's grade point average (GPA). The highest grade will receive four (4) points, and the lowest grade will receive zero (0) points, using only the following valuative symbols:

Symbol Definition Grade Point

A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Passing, less than satisfactory 1
F Failing 0
CR Credit (at least "C" level achievement -- units awarded not counted in GPA)
NC No Credit (less than satisfactory or failing -- units not counted in GPA)

Variable Units

At the time of registration a student should have signed up for the number of units (s)he hopes to earn. The number of units the student registers for will appear on Websmart. If the student earned less or more than what is showing on Websmart, the instructor should change to the appropriate units earned when entering final grades.

Credit/No Credit Options

Credit/No Credit Courses may be offered in one of the following modes:

1. Courses in which all students are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.

2. Students must elect the CR/NC option within the first 30% of the class meetings. CR/NC option sheets are available to instructors on the web or in the division office.

Courses in which the option of a letter grade or credit/no credit exists will be so designated by the Division Dean in consultation with appropriate members of the division faculty. These courses are appropriately noted in the College Catalog. The utilization of courses graded on a "Credit/No Credit" basis to satisfy major or certificate requirements must be approved by the Division Dean.

A maximum of 12 units toward an Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree or 6 units toward a certificate may be applied from courses in which the student has elected a "Credit/No Credit" option.

Students should be advised to check with a counselor or their intended transfer institution regarding transferability of "CR" units.


The symbol "I" is to be used in case of incomplete academic work for unforeseeable, emergencies, and justifiable reasons. It is the instructor's responsibility to inform the student that they are receiving an Incomplete grade, along with the terms and conditions for the removal of the Incomplete. In addition, an Incomplete form must be printed from the web, by the instructor, completed and filed with the admissions office. At the time an incomplete is given, a default grade must be indicated.

A final grade will be assigned by the instructor when the stipulated work has been completed and evaluated. In the event the work is not completed within the prescribed time period, the default grade previously determined by the instructor will be entered in the permanent record by the Registrar's office.

An "Incomplete" must be made up no later than one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned. Established college procedures may be utilized to request a time extension in cases involving unusual circumstances.

The "Incomplete" is not used in the computation of grade point average.


A student may withdraw from a semester-length class during the first four weeks of instruction and no record of the class will appear on the student's official academic transcript. In courses of less than a regular semester's duration, a student may withdraw prior to completion of 30% of the period of instruction and no notation will be made on the student's academic record. Thereafter, a student may withdraw from a semester-length class, whether passing or failing, at any time through the last day of the 14th week of instruction or within 75% of the course, whichever is sooner, and a "W" grade shall be recorded on the student's academic record. In courses of less than a regular semester's duration, a student may withdraw prior to the completion of 75% of the class and a "W" grade shall be recorded on the student's academic record.

The academic record of a student who remains in class beyond the time periods set forth above must reflect an authorized symbol other than "W". A student failing to follow established withdrawal procedures may be assigned an "F" grade by the instructor.

During a regular semester, enrollment verification lists will be distributed to faculty the 15th week of instruction for the purpose of withdrawing students. The lists should be corrected and returned immediately as final grade sheets are run the following week.

NOTE: An instructor may drop a student who has missed twice the number of hours as units for a course.

Grade Changes

An earned grade of A, B, C, D, F, W, CR, or NC may be changed within one year if there has been a "clerical error" on the part of the instructor. Grades cannot be changed on the basis of a student completing class work subsequent to the assignment of the final grade, unless the student received an "I" (Incomplete) in the course.

Midterm Reporting

Skyline College DOES NOT have a formal mid-term reporting practice; however, instructors are strongly encouraged to give notice to students who are doing unsatisfactory/failing work. This notice should be provided by the time the ninth week (mid-term) of the semester has been reached. Forms for notification can be obtained from your Division Office, the Evening Office, or the Counseling Office.

Final Exams

A Final Examination Schedule for both day and evening classes is published in the Schedule of Classes each semester. Exceptions to holding final examinations at the scheduled time must be approved in advance by the Division Dean and/or the Vice President of Instruction. All faculty are required to meet with their classes up to and including their last calendar date and the scheduled final exam. No evening or Saturday classes should meet after the final meeting date specified.

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