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Roadtrip Nation 2012, Social Networkers 101

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Four Community College Career Counselors, Virginia Padron, Lavinia Zanassi, Eileen O’Brien and Lorraine DeMello representing Skyline College and the College of San Mateo, came together this summer 2012 with a common purpose: to learn first-hand about social media innovators and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who have defined their own life paths.  As representatives of the State Chancellor’s Community College Career Development Advisory Committee, we represent more than 1.25 million community college students and educators in Northern California.  



Given the nature of our work as counselors and our proximity to the epicenter of social media/entrepreneurial companies, we recognize that a unique opportunity exists.  Social media has dramatically impacted the lives of our students and likewise, our lives as educators.  We decided to take our own advice and seek out this dynamic industry’s pioneers in an effort to learn about them as people.


During this journey, we interviewed and videotaped conversations with over 12 social media leaders to chronicle their personal motivations, challenges and life-defining events encountered along the way.  We wanted to hear about how they have followed their own aspirations in life and used them as a guide to pave their own roads.  By bringing these personal stories to light in partnership with RoadTrip Nation (an educational non-profit and PBS series), students will discover that career pathways are not linear, that there are often detours and unexpected twists and turns that can lead to a person’s lifework. 


From these illuminating conversations which included over 100 hours of video taped sessions with Entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Peninsula a video clip was produced by Roadtrip Nation and was presented by all four counselors Virginia, Lavinia, Eileen and Lorraine at The Northern Sacramento Counselor Workshop Run Of Show.


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