How can I link to a PDF or an internal or external website?

Linking to a PDF, an external website, and an internal website all begin the same way, with just a few differences between them.

Click on the EDIT MAIN CONTENT AREA button. Then highlight the text you want to link to your document. Remember, the text of your link should describe what you’re linking to. So if you’re linking to an application, your link text should not say “click here,” it should say something like “download the application.”

Once you’ve highlighted your link text, click on the INSERT/EDIT LINK button (it looks like a tiny chain link, circled in red in the image). This will open a dialogue box where you can link to documents and other websites

picture of the link button circled in red

Linking to a PDF:

IN ORDER TO LINK TO A PDF, select the BROWSE button next to the Link URL box.

picture of the browse button circled in red

In the next dialogue box, select the “Assets” folder (remember this is where we store all of our PDFs). Then select the document you want to link to and click the INSERT button. Your selected text will now link to you PDF.

picture of the assets folder circled in red
picture of the insert button circled in red

Linking to another webpage or website:

IN ORDER TO LINK TO ANOTHER WEBPAGE OR WEBSITE, complete the first step, then in the next dialogue box, simply copy the entire web address (URL) of the website you'd like to link to and paste it into the first text box (circled in the image). Click the INSERT button, and now your selected text will link to that website.

picture of the url bar circled in red