cttl workshop

All SMCCCD full-time faculty members have a total of 6 days (30 hours) of Flex obligations to complete, while day/evening part-time obligations vary based on semester assignments. Failure to fulfill this obligation may result in a reduction of pay. Please see the Collective Bargaining Agreement for further details.
If you have questions about the contract,  please contact the your union representative. If you have questions about flex reporting please contact the CTTL. To get a current copy of the flex reporting form, please see your division dean or manager.

Questions? Contact

Safiyyah Forbes
CTTL Coordinator
Building 5, Room 5-118C
Phone: 650-738-4187
Email: forbess@smccd.edu

Please check the CTTL Calendar for upcoming workshops

If you are a faculty member unable to participate in any of the planned on-campus Flex Day activities and would like to know about alternatives available to you, discuss your situation and options with your Division Dean. Faculty must submit a Flex Activity Reporting Form,  also available through their Division Office.