Choosing Your Goal

Students attend college for a variety of reasons.  You may know exactly what you want to do with your college education, or you may be here to find a sense of direction and purpose. 

Having a focus enhances student success in college, so it's important to consider the options available at Skyline College.

Complete a Vocational Certificate

Skyline has a wide range of vocational Certificate programs to prepare students to enter careers or to upgrade their current job skills.  These training programs vary in length from one semester to 3 years.

Earn an Associate Degree

Students can earn an Associates Degree in Arts and/or Sciences at Skyline College.  The AA or AS degree can stand alone as an accomplishment and will enhance a student's employability and expand career options.  Students may also complete an associate degree as part of transfer preparation and should work with their counselor to make the choice that's right for them.

Transfer for a Bachelor's Degree

Students can prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university by completing freshman and sophomore (lower division) coursework, which includes both general education and major preparation.  Students should work with their counselors to create a Student Educational Plan (SEP) that will lead to successful transfer.

Achieve Personal Goals

  • Develop job skills for a new career or to advance in your current career.
  • Discover or formulate career plans.
  • Enhance your understanding of others and the world around you.
  • Improve basic skills in areas such as English, writing and math.
  • Prepare for the GED.
  • Take college courses while enrolled in high school to enrich your high school experience.

If you don't have an educational goal, career or major in mind (and many college students do not), consider talking to one of our career counselors in the Career Center or enrolling in one of our Life and Career Planning or Counseling courses.

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