Frequently Asked Questions

I studied at Skyline College a long time ago and I don’t remember my student ID number or my password to log into WebSmart. What should I do?

Please use your SSN instead of your ID number and the default of your password would be the 6 digits of your birthday (MMDDYY). If you have changed it, please click on “Forgot PIN”.

What is “College Code”?

Your transcript will be sending out electronically if you choose only the College Codes out of this list.

How do I update my mailing address?

Please click in the link Contact Information, through your websmart account.

How many copies of my official transcript can I request?

You may request up to 10 copies to be sent out to the same address.

What is “In-Progress cut off term”?

In this box you’ll see the semester you are currently enrolled. Please select here if you don’t want to show the courses you have in progress. Notice: check your class schedule book for the Final Grades official posting date).

I only want to pick up 1 copy of my transcript. How do I go about that?

Please follow these instructions:

Choose only “Issue To” box, typing “your name”. Click on the “continue” button

Choose Transcript Type: Skyline College and type your phone number in the box “Area Code/Phone number”. Click on the “continue” button

At the page “Transcript Request Information” don’t check anything, only Click on the “continue” button

After reading the summary of your request carefully, submit your request

How do I send out my transcript to another institution, college, etc.?

You can look up for the College Code. If you cannot find your college there, you can type only the name of the institution in the “Issue To” box and, click “continue”. Do not choose anything else in this page.

Choose Transcript Type: Skyline College.

Type the institution/college mailing address, and your phone number in the box “Area Code/Phone number”. Click on the “continue” button.

Don’t choose anything in this page (unless you are looking for a different delivery method), only Click on the “continue” button.

Note: if you want to request CSU, IGETC, choose the option mail transcript IGETC/CSU from the “delivery method” box

After reading all carefully, submit your request

I want to request my transcript but my grades for the semester haven’t been posted officially yet. What to do?

You still can request your transcript in advance. At the page “Transcript Request Information” choose the “Print Transcript” box, and click on Hold for Grades and, your transcript will be automatically processed when the grades are posted officially (please check the dates in your current Class Schedule book).

Please notice you are not going to have your request processed if you check “Hold for Grades” until after the grades are posted officially. Please be aware this request is not changeable after you submit it. No refunds will be issued.


What is IGETC or CSU?

Please check our 2012-2013 catalog, pages 260-264 (CSU-General Education Requirements and Intersegmental G.E. Transfer Curriculum-IGETC).

Can someone else pick up my transcript for me?

Only if the person presents an authorization signed by you, with his/her identification, to the Admissions and Records Office.

Do I have to pay for unofficial transcripts?

No, you don’t.

If I have to attach a document to be sent out along with my official transcript, can I order it through the WebSmart?

No, you’ll need to turn in the document to the Admissions and Records Office with your Official Transcript Request Form.

Can I request Official transcript over the phone?

No, requests must be submitted through the WebSmart.

If I have more questions who should I contact?

Please email


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