Section 1.        Name. This organization shall be known as Sigma Omicron Chapter, Alpha Gamma Sigma of Skyline College, an entity of Alpha Gamma Sigma Incorporated (AGS Inc.), the California Community College Honor Scholarship Society.

Section 2.        Purpose. The purpose of this organization shall be to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship through promotion of high academic achievement. Our goal is to develop, in us, and in cooperation with other organizations and chapters, programs offering cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as a part of the total experience of community college students. We seek to create future leaders with an insightful heart for the total picture of human existence.


Section 1.        Initial Membership. A person may attain initial membership by completing 12 semester units in a maximum of 3 semesters at any recognized institution of higher education and having a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00. No units acquired more than two years prior to application for initial membership shall be used prohibitively.

Section 2.        Temporary Membership. All life members of the California Scholarship Federation and those who graduated with a minimum GPA of 3.50 at the high school level shall be invited to become temporary members during their first semester in the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCD) and shall have, upon payment of dues, all the privileges of membership.

Section 3.        Continuing Membership. An initial member may obtain continuing membership by:

    1. Achieving for the previous semester no less than a 3.00 GPA in courses of recognized college standing.
    2. Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better in courses of recognized college standing.
    3. Continuing members will receive a one-semester grace period if the member’s semester GPA falls below 3.00, but their cumulative GPA is 3.00 or higher. There shall be no two consecutive grace periods. In the event that a student takes all classes as credit/no credit, then that semester will count as the grace period if the student is a continuing member.

Section 4.        Membership Requirements for Scholarship. Members who are currently in a grace period may not apply for a scholarship and applicants must have a cumulative GPA of

3.00  or higher to apply. All mandatory scholarship requirements are listed on the AGS state website (

Section 5.        Permanent Membership. Student members may apply for permanent membership during the semester in which they complete a minimum of 60 semester units in degree appropriate courses with at least half of them completed at a community college. Applicants with as few as 54 semester units may be eligible for permanent membership provided they have enough units graded CR to make up the required total. Applicants must also meet the requirements of paragraphs “a” or “b” below:

    1. The member has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better in all recognized college work and has been a member of AGS for at least one term.
    2. The member has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better in all recognized college work and has been a member of AGS for at least two terms.
      1. In determining eligibility, units must be counted beginning with those most recently completed and going back chronologically until the number of units is reached. If any units from a semester are used to establish eligibility, all units in graded courses on that and all intervening transcripts must enter into the calculation of the GPA.
      2. Any course completed two years or more prior to application for permanent membership, whether at a community college or other institution, shall not be used to prohibit any person from becoming a permanent member, provided these units are not used to meet the minimum number of required units.
      3. Permanent membership is not granted automatically. Student members may apply for this status through the chapter’s advisor(s), who determines the eligibility of applicants.
      4. The chapter may not grant permanent membership status unless it meets the criteria of a chapter in good standing. After reinstatement of chapter’s good standing status, any of its members who had been denied permanent membership because of the lack of good standing may reapply.

Section 6.        Alumnus Member. Any permanent member shall be considered an alumnus member.

Section 7.        The Permanent Membership Certificate. Only persons who qualify for permanent membership shall be entitled to receive the Alpha Gamma Sigma Permanent Membership Certificate.

Section 8. The Official Pin. A continuing member shall be entitled to wear the officially adopted silver pin of the organization. A permanent member shall be entitled to wear the officially adopted gold pin of the organization.

Section 9.        Chapter Membership. All membership requirements for Sigma Omicron Chapter must meet the requirements as described above in accordance with the state constitution.

Membership into Sigma Omicron Chapter will be non-exclusionary to the students of Skyline College. Those students who do not meet the minimum 3.00 GPA will be treated in accordance with the “grace period” requirements as described in Article II, Section 3c.

Members in this category will be re-evaluated at the end of the semester by the Executive Committee for continuing membership status. All members must pay a membership fee of

$15 prior to the end of the semester, met the 20-point service requirement (as mandated by the Executive Committee), and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 for the semester to receive recognition of AGS membership on permanent transcripts. The Executive Committee can alter the provisions of dues and point requirements based on majority vote. GPA requirements are mandated by the state and cannot be altered.


Points are awarded to members participating in Sigma Omicron Chapter events, meetings, and any community or college related events. Some points may be earned on voluntary basis away from AGS organized activities with the consent of at least one member of the Executive Committee. A minimum of 12 points per semester must be earned and point sheet endorsed by one member of the Executive Committee to receive AGS transcript recognition. The Executive Committee is responsible in maintaining oversight of the point system and reserves the right to alter point provisions based on majority vote.

Minimum 12 points to receive transcript recognition of membership:

    • 4 Meeting points: You must attend at least four, one-hour meetings, or read 8 meeting minutes provided on our website. 1 point for each in-person meeting, and a half a point for reading the minutes online.
    • 4 Community Service points: Skyline College has many drives and club activities to help you reach your minimum community service requirements. Service can also be completed in off campus organizations with permission from the executive committee. In general, every hour spent volunteering is equivalent to one point.
    • 2 Behind The Table points: AGS has Pizza and Bake Sale events to raise money. You will receive one point for every hour working behind the table, and/or one point for picking up the pizza. One point for every hour spent working.
    • 2 Recruit a new member points: New member must fill out the application and pay.
    • 4 Officer points: AGS officers receive four points per semester.
    • 2 Committee Chair points: AGS committee chairs receive two points per semester.
    • 2 other points: Other activities approved by President or Faculty Advisor.


Section 1.  Location and Time. All official AGS meetings will be conducted on campus at a predetermined place and time with the approval of the Student Activities Office in accordance with SOCC policies governing on-campus clubs. All meeting locations and time must be coordinated with the student advisor prior to the first official meeting being announced. A student advisor’s presence is mandatory at each official meeting before a meeting can be called to order by the President or Vice President of Operations.

Section 2.  Minutes and Attendance Records. Minutes shall be recorded and maintained for each meeting along with attendance records. Copies of minutes shall be posted on the Sigma Omicron Chapter website and forwarded to the Student Activities Office within 24 hours of meeting adjournment. Copies of all attendance records shall be maintained by the Communications Officer and utilized to assess points for attendance and as a contact roster for members. All information on attendance records is deemed private and for official use only. Any personal information collected will only be released to the officers of the organization in performance of their duties and no other entity without the prior written approval of said member.

Section 3.  General Meetings. All general meetings shall be presided over by the President or Vice-President of Operations, if the President is not available. The meeting shall follow an agenda designed by the President with the consent of the Executive Officers. General meetings shall be open to the public. Paid members and officers are the only individuals that will be allowed to cast votes on any issue requiring consensus. All non- members and visitors will be asked to refrain from voting so as not to undermine AGS and ASSC policies.

Section 4.  Attendance Policies and Penalties. All officers and paid members are required to attend each meeting that is called. Officers must attend all meetings called unless granted prior approval by either the President or Vice-Presidents of the organization. Officers may miss up to two meetings, with prior approval of the Student Advisor or President, before being penalized for attendance failures. Paid members are mandatorily required to attend all meetings, but may miss a maximum of 3 meetings with the approval of any officer. Members who miss more than 3 meetings may be penalized for attendance failures. Penalties shall be determined by the Executive Committee with the consultation of the Student Advisor before being issued by the President.

Section 5.  Executive Meetings.  The President can call to order a meeting of all Executive Officers at their discretion. A student advisor must be in attendance at all executive meetings being called.  Executive meetings will be called to discuss internal issues deemed sensitive by the President and shall be closed to the general public. All executive meetings must take place on campus. A written minute of the executive meetings shall be released within 24 to 48 hours after adjournment and a copy maintained by the President and Vice President of Operations.  Any issues discussed in closed sessions shall be addressed at the next general meeting for public commentary.

Section 6.        Committee Meetings. All AGS committees will be allowed to meet at a time and location of their choosing. Committee Meetings must take place on campus, unless the AGS President and ASSC Advisor grant permission for committees to work off-campus. A detailed record of all committee meetings shall be maintained by the Committee Chairperson, or their designee, and immediately forwarded to their respective Vice- President.

Section 7.        Regional Conference.

    1. The chapters of Alpha Gamma Sigma, Incorporated, shall be divided into two Regions. Chapters of the Northern Region shall be those whose colleges are located north of the northern boundaries of San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino Counties. Chapters whose colleges are located south of that line shall belong to the Southern Region.
    2. Each Region shall hold an annual Regional Conference in the Fall, its date and place to be determined either by the State Advisory Board or by the advisors meeting at their previous Regional Conference.
      1. The chapter president of one of the colleges hosting a Regional Conference shall preside over meetings of the General Assembly of Delegates at that conference.
      2. The delegation of each chapter in good standing shall have one vote.
      3. The General Assembly of Delegates at a Regional Conference shall elect the student representative and alternate from its region to serve on the Board of Trustees of Alpha Gamma Sigma, Incorporated, for the next calendar year.
      4. The General Assembly of Delegates at a Regional Conference may be called to order to (1) discuss matters of common concern to all chapters, (2) pass motions or resolutions of a non-political nature binding only to their own region and not in conflict with the bylaws of the state organization or the General Assembly of Delegates at the State Convention, or (3) initiate amendments to those bylaws according to procedures prescribed in Article IX of the state bylaws.

Section 8.        State Convention.

    1. A State Convention shall be held each year in the Spring, its date and location to be determined by the State Advisory Board at least one year prior to the event.
      1. A chapter president of one of the host chapters shall preside at each gathering of the General Assembly of Delegates at the State Convention.
      2. The General Assembly of Delegates at the State Convention may be called to (1) discuss matters of common concern to all chapters, (2) pass motions and resolutions of a non-political nature binding only to the student organization of the chapters and not in conflict with the state bylaws, or (3) initiate amendments of those bylaws according to the procedures prescribed in Article IX of the state bylaws.
The members shall elect officers of Sigma Omicron Chapter. Electable positions shall be the offices listed below. The President and Treasurer shall serve a 2-semester term, not to exceed 2 consecutive terms. Vice-Presidents, Communications Officer, and ICC Representative and Alternate shall serve 6-month terms, not to exceed 2 consecutive terms. The following are descriptions of the duties of the elected officers:
    1. President – The President shall preside over all meetings held by the organizations, represent the organization in contacts with the faculty and the public, and appoint such officers and committee members mandated by these bylaws or by the Constitution of Alpha Gamma Sigma as the President deems necessary.
    2. Vice President of Operations– The Vice President of Operations will perform all the duties and exercise all the powers of the President in the absence of the President or in the event of the President’s inability to act. The Vice President of Operations is responsible for meeting the chapter’s financial needs through fundraising efforts and will maintain oversight of the Newsletter Committee, Recruitment Committee, and Fundraising Committee.
    3. Treasurer– The Treasurer will process all membership fees and issue receipts. The Treasurer is responsible for processing all monetary transactions to and from the Sigma Omicron Chapter Account with the Student Services Office, for tracking the chapter’s cash flows and fund levels, and maintaining a presentable record of all monetary transactions. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to report on all monetary matters pertaining to the organization upon request by the chapter officers.
    4. Communications Officer– The Communications Officer will record and post the meeting minutes of all meetings within 24 hours of meeting adjournment to the chapter website. A copy of the minutes will also be filed with the Student Services Office. The Communications Officer is responsible for maintaining and updating the chapter website on a timely basis and to perform other duties as assigned by the organization. The officer is also responsible for maintaining and updating the chapter website on a timely basis. Webmaster must also coordinate with the Marketing and Community Relations Department to maintain AGS webpage
    5. Skyline College Organization and Club Council Representative (SOCC Rep) – The Skyline College Organization and Club Council (SOCC)Representative shall act as liaison for the organization at all SOCC meetings. The SOCC Rep shall report back on all matters pertaining to the organization at the meetings and coordinate joint ventures with other on-campus organizations with consent of the Vice-President of Student Services. An alternate representative will also be elected by the organization to fulfill the duties of the SOCC Rep in the event the SOCC Rep is unavailable.
    6. Intercollegiate Officer (ICO)The Intercollegiate Officer is responsible for the communicating regularly with other AGS chapters on joint initiatives and projects. Officer is also responsible for collaborating with ICC Rep on relations with other clubs and programs on campus.
The chairpersons of each committee shall be open to all members interested in holding a leadership position. The Executive Committee shall appoint all candidates they deem adequate to these positions. The Chairperson shall report directly to their respective Vice-President on all issues pertaining to their committee. The Chairperson holds primary responsibility to ensure all tasks assigned to their committee is accomplished in a timely manner. The following is a list of all Committees designed to meet the needs and goals of the organization:
    1. Newsletter Committee– The Newsletter Committee is responsible for designing and publishing newsletters for Sigma Omicron Chapter.
    2. Recruitment Committee– The Recruitment Committee is responsible for recruiting new members to the organization and advertising the organization to all new prospective members. The committee’s other objective is to take measures to engage and involve new members in the club’s functions and its different committees.
    3. Fundraising Committee– The Fundraising Committee is responsible for holding on and off campus fundraising ventures to ensure an adequate monetary supply is available for the chapter to meet its other goals and obligations. This committee will work closely with the Treasurer to ensure adequate and appropriate accounting measures are practiced for all cash generated through this committee’s ventures. All fundraising ventures must fall within accepted practices of ASSC policies.
    4. Community Service Committee– The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for all on and off-campus events involving the local community in providing voluntary assistance and service. It is also responsible for the organization of each event, including transportation.  The committee is responsible for all on-campus events directly or indirectly involving the student body. This committee will work closely with the SOCC Representative and other on-campus organizations in improving the campus lifestyle at Skyline College.
Committee Oversight. The Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Student Services and Activities will hold overall jurisdiction of these committees as stated in Article V, Section 2b-c. Any issues involving these committees will be addressed to the appropriate Vice President and dealt with accordingly.
Committee Secretary. Each committee will have a secretary to record minutes and maintain binders for each committee. The committee secretary is responsible for communicating weekly with the Communications Officer with updates and committee activities.
Section 1. Budget. The Executive Committee will determine the operating needs of the organization and an appropriate budget will be maintained by the Treasurer to ensure the organization can meet its monetary objective and goals. The budget can only be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
Section 2.        Monetary Transactions. Either the Treasurer or President must handle all monetary transactions that take place involving the organizations money supply. The Treasurer must maintain a transaction record and a copy of said transaction filed with the Student Advisor if nominal sum exceeds $50. The Treasurer holds ultimate responsibility for all chapter accounts and monetary accountability.
Section 3.        Expenditures. All expenditures associated with the operation of the chapter shall come from the chapter’s general fund. No member or officer shall pay for incurred expenses personally without written permission of the Student Services Account Manager.
Section 1.        Bylaws. These bylaws are considered the official operating procedures for Sigma Omicron Chapter, Alpha Gamma Sigma of Skyline College. Under no circumstances, unless by majority approval of the Executive Committee, can procedures be deviated from as outlined. These bylaws accommodate the expansion of Sigma Omicron Chapter membership and provide a standard operating procedure for current and future leaders of the organization and membership.
Section 2.        Amendments. If the Executive Committee believes an issue is not adequately addressed by these bylaws or any other governing policy, the Executive Committee reserves the right to amend said bylaws accordingly with majority consensus of all Executive Committee members. Any amendments agreed upon must be approved by the organization and ratified by ASSC. Upon approval and ratification, a new copy of the bylaws must be issued to the members of AGS and the state organization.
Section 3.        Conformance with ASSC Codes. These bylaws are, in its entirety, subject to approval of the Associated Students of Skyline College Senate. Further rights, responsibilities, and regulations not addressed in these bylaws but mandated by the ASSC Constitution are considered implicit in this document.