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Financial Education and Coaching

Financial Education

SparkPoint at Skyline College collaborates with:

Together we provide Financial Education workshops on topics such as banking products, credit, money management, saving and identity theft prevention. Workshops occur twice each month during the Fall and Spring semesters and are open to all community members.

San Mateo Credit Union provides multiple financial calculators that help you make informed choices about your finances.

Financial Coaching

SparkPoint Centers provide the opportunity to meet regularly with a financial coach to work towards improving your financial strength.

Your Financial Coach can provide you with a free Financial Coaching Workbook  . The workbook consists of eight modules that cover the range of financial coaching. You will work with your financial coach to customize your approach to improving your financial strength.

Work with a financial coach to get the financial know-how you need to succeed.

Takeaways of Financial Coaching

  • A financially-rewarding career to provide a good living
  • An improved credit score (over 650)
  • A safety net of savings (at least 3 – 6 months of monthly earnings)
  • Reduced debt: payments = less than 40% of monthly income.

Pay Your Bills and Improve Your Credit