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Promise Scholars

Financial Game Plan

The Financial Game Plan will help you plan ahead for the expenses of your educational and career goals. In this document, you will develop a budget and make future budget projections for college related expenses and living expenses. The purpose of developing the Financial Game Plan is to help you persist through college and succeed academically and financially. In order to access the Financial Game Plan document, go to our Financial Game Plan here  .

The Financial Game Plan has been designed to walk you through the steps necessary to reach your academic and life goals. For tips, answers to frequently asked questions and other resources, go to our Resource Page here   .

There are factors outside the classroom that are just as important to your success as what happens inside the classroom. Completing your Financial Game Plan may seem difficult, but please remember that everything that you are asked to do will contribute to your success. For further support in completing your Financial Game Plan, you can make a one-on-one appointment with a SparkPoint Financial Coach or drop-in for Financial Game Plan Lab Hours. For appointments, lab hours and other information, please call us at 650-738-7035 or contact