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Meet our Staff

Chad Thompson Photo

Chad Thompson, M.B.A., serves as the Director of SparkPoint at Skyline College. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Film Studies from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Claremont Graduate University. He has taught Macroeconomics at Merritt College in Oakland, and has experience as a leading  vocational training programs, as well as other financial capability programs.   Chad has a passion for financial literacy and student success. He believes that everyone, especially community college students, should have access to free, high-quality financial education and support services so that they can succeed, share knowledge and create positive change in their community. | 650-738-7038 |Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1221.


Martin Marquez, B.A., Martin serves as the Program Services Coordinator for the Undocumented Community Center at Skyline College (formerly known as the Dream Center). He received his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Saint Mary's College of California. In the Dream Center, Martin assists with AB540 admissions, DACA, the California Dream Act, and connecting students to campus, local, and legal services. He is passionate about student success, developing inclusive programming, and providing a community that is student focused on Skyline College. | 650-738-4220 |Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-219. 



Raul Amaya, B.A., Raul Serves as a SparkPoint Coordinator with a focus on Basic Needs. He received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Where he was heavily involved with student government holding the position of V.P. of University Affairs and V.P. of Internal Affairs. His time in student government was highlighted by the approval of state of the art recreation and wellness center opening in Spring 17. He continued working for Associated Students as full-time staff in their Marketing Dept. supporting several student initiatives and programs. He will continue his work in student empowerment and leadership within the Skyline College campus community. | 650-738-7047 |Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-221A. 



Julie Hong Julie Hong, B.S., Julie serves as a SparkPoint Coordinator with a focus on Financial Coaching at Skyline College. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University. Julie has been working in various roles in the SparkPoint initiative since 2011 and is passionate about serving students and their families, particularly around personal financial wellness and empowerment. As a SparkPoint Coordinator, Julie supports students and families develop personal financial plans, individual and household budgets, credit report and score reviews and education, and accessing other community resources including CalFresh and MediCal. | 650-738-4240 |Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-215. 



Kevin Eifler, B.A.,  Kevin is Office Assistant for SparkPoint at Skyline College, who serves as the primary contact to Skyline students and other members of the community that interested in services. Kevin has been an employee of the San Mateo County Community College District in multiple capacities over the years. Areas of service include, managing and operating the food pantry as well as connecting potential participants to financial coaches and public benefits specialists. | 650 738-7035 | Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-214



Tim Luong Photo

Tim Luong, B.A., Tim serves as a Staff Assistant for SparkPoint at Skyline College and is tasked with supporting fellow staff members to fill their roles and assuring that the SparkPoint department is running efficiently. During the week, you can find Tim answering phone calls, responding to support emails, and providing information about the many services SparkPoint has to offer. Because of his previous experience working as a Senior Eligibility Worker for the City and County of San Francisco in the Human Services Agency Department, Tim is highly knowledgeable about the various programs that supports individuals, families, and communities with food, health care, financial, employment, childcare, and protective services. | 650-738-7172 | Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-214

Trisha Tran

Trisha Tran, M.A., serves as Adjunct Counselor for SparkPoint’s Grove Scholars Program. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Master’s in Educational Counseling from San Jose State University. Before joining Skyline College, Trisha served as a Career Specialist for the City of Long Beach’s Economic Development Department, where she helped individuals with employment opportunities and accessing training via a Federal grant. Trisha is passionate about helping students realize their academic and career potentials through higher education. | 650-738-7033| Skyline College Building One, Floor Two, Room 1-215.