Wēpa Printing

Wēpa is the new cloud-based printing system for the Skyline College community. 

"We print away" or Wēpa is a printing system that allows the user to store documents in a cloud-based platform and then print from a Wēpa print station anywhere.  Once an account is created, this system allows users to deposit funds, upload documents, and more!

we print away logo

To print, please visit these following locations:

Location Name Location
The Learning Center (TLC):     Building 5-100
Library: Building 5-200
Public Safety: Building 6-106
Student Lounge: Building 6-102 

If you need assistance or further understanding on how to use Wēpa, please visit the Learning Center or Library.  Printing services are also available to students at Skyline College's Graphic Arts Department (SkyGAP), Building 19-402 (1st Floor).