Sociology at Skyline College

Enroll in a Sociology course at Skyline College to gain an understanding of how people interact with their communities, human behavior throughout history, and how culture, social class, gender, race/ethnicity and age impact people's life chances, practices and attitudes. Students will learn to analyze, evaluate and make decisions concerning complex contemporary social issues.

Skyline Colleges Sociology classes aim to help students understand the critical role social factors play in determining the health of individuals, groups, and the larger society.

Career Outlook

Sociology is a versatile discipline that prepares a student for various careers and possibilities. In addition to a career as a sociologist, career possibilities for Sociology majors include social services and counseling, sale and marketing, early childhood development, administrative support, teaching, service occupations, legal careers, community organizations, activism, administration of justice, journalism, and social scientific research. 

The State of California Employment Development Department provides an online Occupational Guide that provides helpful job descriptions, job outlooks and wages, and qualification requirements for a wide variety of careers. Use this guide to find more information about a career that may interest you.