Study Abroad Scholarship Info Session Attracts Students from Across the District

Study Abroad Info SessionOn Tuesday, September 22, the SMCCCD Study Abroad office hosted a Study Abroad Scholarship Info Session in conjunction with Skyline College’s Financial Aid office. While the spring 2016 semester-long programs to Florence and London are among the most cost-effective as compared to similar programs at 4-year universities, many community college students are in need of aid and funding sources that can help them cover their travel and program expenses. The Study Abroad Scholarship Info Session was held to give students an overview of the scholarships available to them, namely the federally-funded Gilman travel abroad grant up to $5,000 for individual student awards, SMCCCD Foundation scholarships grant up to $6,000 to be spread amongst recipients, and American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS) scholarship which grants up to $2,000 to be spread amongst recipients. To qualify for the Gilman award, the student must be an American citizen and eligible for a Pell Grant. The SMCCD Foundation and AIFS scholarships are open to all students who meet the qualifications to study abroad.

The event was advertised to students across the District. The number of students who attended exceeded our expectations. In fact, 35 students were expected to attend, but 50 came instead – 30 from Skyline College, 5 from Canada College, and 15 from the College of San Mateo. Because of this increase, the room had to be changed to accommodate the larger audience. The students received a special treat in hearing words of advice from presenter Tina Luong, a former Skyline College student who traveled to Hong Kong on the Gilman Scholarship. She detailed her experiences traveling abroad as a 2-year college student and offered advice to students on how to be competitive applicants to win the Gilman award, namely starting early and revising the personal statement many times before submission.

For more information about the Gilman Scholarship, please visit:

Applicants can inquire about the SMCCCD Foundation Scholarships by emailing

To apply for AIFS Study Abroad programs and receive more information about the AIFS Scholarship, please visit the AIFS website.

The Study Abroad office would like to extend a special thanks to Linda Bertolotti for her support and help in securing a larger room in such a short span of time. Thank you, Linda!

Article by Alina Din | Photo Credit Alessandra Zanassi

Final Week of LEGIT 3D Exhibit at Skyline College Art Gallery

Art Gallery 1Next week is the final week to view Skyline College Art Gallery’s Legit 3D, a group exhibition featuring four Bay Area sculptors. The exhibition will be on view in the Gallery through Friday, October 9.

The gallery is open daily, and is located on the ground floor of Building 1.

For more information, including hours, please visit the gallery website or our Facebook page.

Legit 3D features sculptural installations made from unconventional, commercial, and recycled materials including extension cord macrame by Dana Hemenway, a disco-mirror bomb by Jeremiah Jenkins, faux fur toilet paper by Michael Arcega, and political action google bus dioramas by COLL.EO (Colleen Flaherty and Matteo Bittanti).

Article by Paul Bridenbaugh

Don’t Forget About the English Department’s Free Publication – Rhetoric: What, Why and How?

RhetoricJust a reminder as you consider your spring book orders that you have a free resource that can bring our campus together with shared approaches to teaching reading and writing!

If you assign reading and writing in your class, please consider joining us in using the Rhetoric: What, Why, and How? which was written by the English teachers at Skyline College with contributions from our librarians and ESOL faculty.  This project was volunteer and not for profit.


  • to promote consistency amongst our classes by using shared definitions, philosophies and approaches when teaching the fundamental writing and reading concepts.
  • to save our students money! We know textbooks are expensive, so we created one that is free online and can be used at all levels. If students want a print version of the textbook, they can get a copy through our bookstore and pay only the duplication costs of $35 plus tax
  • to appeal to different types of learning styles. Since we created all the materials, we were also able to adapt the lessons into PowerPoint and voiced podcasts for students with more visual and auditory learning styles.

Article by Rachel Bell

Skyline College Delegates Visit Universidad Tecnologica de Tijuana

UTT studentsSkyline College delegates, Dr. Tammy Robinson, Interim Dean, Global Learning Programs and Services and Ray Hernandez, Dean, Science, Math and Technology, visited Tijuana, Mexico August 25 -26, 2015.  Universidad de Tecnologica de Tijuana hosted Skyline College, and 24 technical and polytechnic universities. Representation included 9 college presidents and other international student staff and faculty. The purpose of the meeting was to continue the collaboration between Skyline College and UTT. The late Richard Soyombo started this relationship. It is incredible to witness and continue Dean Soyombo’s legacy.

The delegates witnessed numerous presentations on the Becalos Program which occurred at Skyline College from August 2014 – December 2014. Skyline College hosted 75 students who were from the various universities within Mexico’s University system. Discussion and analysis allowed learning to take place so that the next student exchange experience will be even more successful.

Skyline College has been successfully team-teaching a Spanish class between Professor Luciana Castro and Professor David Cooksley from UTT. The course is very successful with student retention and learning. The course is very popular at both Skyline College and UTT as there is a waiting list of students in Tijuana who want to sign up for the course. Students communicate via Skype while they speak Spanish and English together in a collaborative manner. The event was a huge success and we look forward to expanding our partnerships with universities in Mexico.

Article by Dr. Tammy Robinson


Four Book Displays Highlight Skyline College Library Collections

Library Book DisplayWhat’s New in Nonfiction? Recent acquisitions run the gamut! Witchcraft, history of psychiatry, fracking, and natural building methods, as well as long awaited biographies of Bay Area favorites Rita Moreno and Carlos Santana. Find these and many more new titles at the Library Check Out desk display.

For 35 years the American Book Award (ABA) has highlighted diversity in writing. Featured in October: Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Nick Turse’s Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam, and other provocative works on the African diaspora and Muslim youth culture. ABA winners are presented just behind the Graphic Novels collection.

Also featured: Textiles…What’s your Passion? Art, design, fabric and fashion. A diverse collection for makers and fashionistas alike.

Lastly, “Sustainability”: What does it mean to you? continues through October 16 in the Library foyer. Authors from across the disciplines give their take on preserving Mother Earth. Ready to take action? Attend the Sustainability Ambassador Network (SAN) kick off meeting on October 6th at 2:30.

All displayed books are available to take home. Visit the Library Check Out desk and sign up for a free Peninsula Library System (PLS) library card today!

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

Governance:  College Governance Committee – September

The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 from 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Alexander Alpi, Eloisa Briones, Kate Browne, Stephen Fredericks, Angélica Garcia, Michele Haggar, Sarah Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud, Alana Utsumi, Dennis Zheng.  Our guests were Aaron McVean, Jonathan Paver.

Dr. Stroud welcomed new CGC members Alex Alpi and Angelica Garcia.  A brief description of the committee and the charge of the committee was provided.  Members were referred to the Participatory Governance website and they were reminded of their responsibility to represent their constituency and communicate with their constituency.  Theresa will ensure that Alex gets access to SharePoint.

Approval of Minutes

The May 27, 2015 minutes were approved. (M/S/U Utsumi/Perkins approved) Unanimously.

Academic Senate Report

Academic Senate and the Curriculum Committee responded to student feedback that they would like more consistency in their course syllabi. A syllabus check list was developed and will be used by faculty to ensure some consistent syllabus content.  .

The Academic Senate selection of the Fall 2015 MOT participants are Danielle Powell, Grace Burns and Paul Bolick.  John Ulloa was approved to participate in the Spring.

The District Academic Senate is finalizing their work on providing recommended changes to the faculty selection guidelines.  The information will be provided to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for consideration.  This item has not been addressed by other governance groups or the administration.  The Academic Senate has also been working on the Distance Education and Online Education Initiative.

Kate reminded the group that the District Strategic Plan will go to board in the near future.  Vice Chancellor Jamillah Moore will attend the Academic Senate October 15 to discuss the District Strategic Plan and the implications for the Academic Senate.

Classified Senate Report

The Classified Senate is in the final stages of approving the Code of Ethics.  Michelle inquired about the next steps.  It was recommended that the Code of Ethics be brought before the CGC to be consistent with the processes for other board policy.  The final vote will be at the next Senate meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 1st.

Michelle announced that the Classified Senate would like to become more involved and volunteer their time to organizations on campus and in the community. Michelle will attend the San Bruno Rotary on October 14, 2015 with the President to connect to community members and increase their ability to volunteer.

Finally the annual See’s candy fundraiser will begin soon to raise funds for scholarships and Classified Senate events.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report

The ASSC currently has about 45 clubs and counting. They had a welcome week that was very successful with Administrators, Faculty and Staff participating in the annual pancake breakfast. This month the ASSC are involved with Latino Heritage Month events.

The main goal for ASSC this year is to connect the Learning Communities and organizations on campus.

The ASSC is also in discussion with all three campus regarding raising the student body fee which is currently $8.00.  The last change was back in 2001.

The Student Organization Council is working with ASSC to make the college events bigger to and to have more Club participation in the events.

Recommendation of Update and Addendum of the Technology Master Pla

Jonathan Paver and Aaron McVean reported on the addendum of the Technology Plan.

The Fall 2015 Addendum to the Skyline College Technology Plan (2012-2015) was presented. The addendum includes a modified computer replacement plan that is based on a full campus inventory that was conducted by ITS. ITS found that about half of our computers on campus are older and outside of warrantee. This new plan will replace these older computers over the next 2 years. The addendum also projects a 5 year technology budget and a computer lab replacement plan that assures modern technology resources for all staff and students.

(M/S/A Kate Browne/Stephen Fredericks approved the recommendation from SPARC to be forwarded to the President) Unanimously.

Recommendation of Distance Education (DE) Substantive Change

Jonathan Paver and Aaron M reported on the Distance Education Substantive Change.

ACCJC requires institutions to report on degree and certificate programs available either 50% or more online or 100% online. The Skyline College Curriculum Committee approves course to be offered through Distance Education. These approvals trigger a review of all of our degree and certificate programs to see if any new or existing programs meet the 50% or 100% thresholds because of new courses approved for distance education, The 2015 DE Substantive Change Report includes action taken by the Curriculum Committee over the past 2 academic years. The report lists all new and existing programs that meet the 50% or 100% thresholds along with other standard reporting required in the substantive change process. The report was reviewed by the Accreditation Oversight Committee on 9/21 and forwarded on to College Governance prior to being submitted for approval at the 9/30 Board meeting.

(M/S/A Michele Haggar/Angélica Garcia to accept the recommendations from the Accreditation Oversight Committee.) Unanimously

Partnership Resources Team

The Institutional Effectiveness Division recently formed under the State Chancellor’s Office has established a technical assistance program whereby colleges can submit a Letter of Interest to receive assistance from a Partnership Resource Teams (PRT). These teams consist of peers from across the California Community College system who have expertise in specific areas of focus identified by colleges.

Skyline College submitted a Letter of Interest identifying the areas of Integrated Planning and Resource Allocation Enrollment Management and. Distance Education.  The first of three campus visits from the PRT will be Monday, November 30th, with the remaining visits to take place in the Spring 2016.

Through this initiative, there is the availability of up to $150,000 in grant funds that can support the College in addressing its areas of interest.

Aaron McVean, Dean of PRIE, will connect with Governance groups to solicit additional input on the areas of focus identified in the Letter of Interest, as requested by the PRT. The original Letter of Interest will be provided to the constituent leaders. Additionally, Aaron will connect with governance group to get input, prepare a more extensive draft describing our areas of interest, and follow up with getting constituent leadership approval for the draft.


  • Sarah Perkins reported that Skyline College successfully submitted a grant to the National Science Foundation for $649,000 over three years. The name of the grant is   4S: Skyline Scholarships for Success in STEM.  As you see below, this grant will fund 114 scholarships over a 3-year period averaging $3,500/year.

The Skyline Scholarships for Success in STEM (4S) project is designed to (1) increase the number of low-income, academically talented students in STEM disciplines at Skyline College who transfer to four-year universities to pursue STEM-related baccalaureate degrees, and (2) study the contribution of scholarships, curricular, co-curricular, and student support activities to the recruitment, course completion, retention, degree attainment, and transfer of students traditionally underrepresented in STEM study and the STEM workforce. Skyline College proposes to use funding under Strand 1: S-STEM Institutional Capacity Building to award 114 scholarships over a 3-year period, averaging $3,500 per year, to students at one of four achievement levels. Level 1 scholarships will be for new students who were not accepted at four-year colleges and universities but show academic promise. Scholarships at the other levels will assist students to continue a successful path to transfer (Level 2), overcome common attrition points (Level3), and complete the final stage of their transfer degree (Level 4). Recruitment will prioritize students in or eligible for the colleges Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program for low-income students who are first-in-the-family college-goers. Various academic support strategies and support services will assist S-STEM Scholars and others in STEM fields of study to prepare for transfer to four-year institutions.

  • President Stroud reported that we are in the midst of pulling the Skyline Promise together and implementing it as a cohesive approach to increase student success. Components of it are related to placement processes, expanded student services and learning communities.  We have an opportunity to tie some existing approaches together in a structured way for students to get in, get through and get out on time.  Listen out for more campus discussion.  Please participate in the conversation to make this possible to students.
  • Sarah Perkins shared that Skyline College has a guest from Ohio who works for Apple who will be demonstrating how to use technology in a classroom for all. Dr. Luis Pérez will discuss his experience with the accessibility of iOS devices and how this can impact learning outcomes. The following topics will be explored:
  • Identifying and using a number of built-in accessibility features of iOS devices to enable learners to overcome barriers in the learning environment.
  • Evaluation and selecting apps for learners with special needs using a framework based on the Universal Design for Learning principals and the SAMR model of technology integration.
  • Using content creation apps on iOS devices to provide creative expression to learners of difference levels of abilities.

Next agenda – October 28, 2015

Constituency reports

Student Equity Plan

Classified Senate – Code of Ethics

IEPI – Aaron McVean

Canvas Adoption


M/S/U (Michele Haggar/Dennis Zheng) Unanimously

Governance: SPARC Meeting Update

The Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) met on Thursday, September 24, 2015.

Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood presented the 2015-16 District Budget which she reported to the Board of Trustees on September 9, 2015.  Highlights include:

  • Revenues increased by $22 million from FY 2014-15, which includes $10 million in one-time monies from the State for mandated cost claims. Expenditures increased by $19.4 million primarily due to negotiated compensation adjustments, and $10 million in one-time allocations for initiatives.
  • The District implemented the revised Resource Allocation Model this year. FTES no longer is a factor for resource allocation unlike the previous model.  Skyline College still generates the highest number of FTES but is not receiving funding related to the number of students it serves, compared to the previous model.  Kathy indicated that this model will be reviewed regularly, and adjusted if needed, should this FTES trend continues.
  • The adopted budget includes $1.5M in Innovation Funds. Skyline College’s share is $800,000 for the Middle College and SparkPoint.

EVC Blackwood also reviewed the International Student funding model which was developed to provide district financial support to grow the international student program.  She anticipates in two years, that the three campuses will have enough international students to be self-supporting.

Vice President of Administrative Services Briones noted that the budget outlook has improved significantly from the Tentative Budget in which a deficit was projected, to having a balanced budget projected over the next three years.  As such, SPARC is tasked with developing a recommendation of a revised balanced budget for FY2015-16 using the final college allocation which increased from the tentative budget. Scenarios will be presented at the next meeting for the committee to consider in developing its recommendation.  Consideration should be given to underfunded hourly salary budgets and operating budgets, in addition to funding for new faculty, staff and administrator positions.

President Regina Stanback Stroud stated that the college makes budget decisions based on financial information presented at the time, and makes adjustments as information changes.  In light of the improved financial picture presented with this year’s district Adopted Budget, President Stroud announced that the college will proceed with hiring 8 faculty positions that we were unable to make at the end of Spring 2015, based on the district’s tentative budget projections for FY2015-16 to FY2017-18.

Next meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2015.

Article by Eloisa Briones

Early Childhood Education Alumna Receives the 2015 Bright Futures Scholarship

Sarra WicklineThe Bright Futures Scholarship Program was developed by Bright Horizons to support the field of early childhood education by offering scholarships to future teachers.

Here is what Bright Horizons had to say about Sarra Wickline:

“Sarra holds an Associate’s degree from Skyline College and is continuing her studies to earn her Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University. While completing her Associate’s, Sarra worked as an Associate Teacher at the Early Learning and Child Development Center on campus. Her supervisor writes that “she was able to use positive interactions to engage the children and keep them focused.” Sarra plans to continue working with young children and hopes to become a kindergarten teacher after completing her Bachelor’s degree.

“In the meantime, she plans to continue to work as a preschool teacher. Sarra believes that ‘children and their families deserve the most dedicated, creative, passionate, innovative, and understanding teachers.’ It is those qualities that she tries to reflect in her teaching practice and reinforces her goal of becoming the best educator she can be.”

The ECE/EDU staff here at Skyline College are so proud of Sarra and the work she continues to do for children and families!!

Article by Kristina Brower

Academic Team Scholarship Applications Are Open

ireneThe All-USA/Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team application is now open. Nominated students are placed in competition for over $1,000,000 in national scholarship opportunities. In addition, scholarship and recognition opportunities are available through All-State Academic Team Programs.

Skyline College students have won the All-USA, Coca-Cola, Guistwhite, New Century, and $7,500 Hites scholarships. Skyline College students have won the All-California scholarship every year since 1999.

One common application is used for all of these scholarships:

  • All-USA Academic Team
  • Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team
  • Coca-Cola New Century Scholarship
  • All-California Academic Team
  • GEICO Pathway to Completion Baccalaureate Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa members only)
  • Guistwhite Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa members only)
  • Hites Transfer Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa members only)

Students can access the application at Phi Theta Kappa membership is not required. Criteria for these scholarships include GPA, scholarly activities, community service, and personal measures such as re-entry or self-supporting.

Please encourage students to apply. Applications are due November 3.

Article by Christine Case


Introducing the New Sustainability Coordinator: Allison Callow

CCBA_AllisonAllison Callow joined Skyline College as the newest Sustainability Coordinator on September 8. She is a Fellow at Climate Corps Bay Area (CCBA), a program for emerging professionals in the field of climate change and sustainability. CCBA places more than 35 Fellows in various government agencies, school districts, and community colleges across the Bay Area. CCBA has partnered with Skyline College for the past three years with former CCBA Fellows at Skyline College leading the charge in several major campus-wide sustainability projects.

With the help of our previous Fellows, Skyline College has become a leader in sustainability for community colleges across the state. Our Sustainability Plan provides other community colleges with a template for use in their own campus communities.  We also host an annual innovative program integrating sustainability into curriculum and support student initiatives and projects in greening the College. One of these projects, the Green Gorillas, received a state award from the Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges.

Our newest Fellow, Allison, has worked across non-profit, for-profit and public sectors in communications, community engagement, and capacity building roles leading back to sustainability and community development. She has a B.A. from UC Davis in International Relations with an emphasis on Global Health and Resources and a minor in Environmental Policy, Analysis and Planning. As the Sustainability Coordinator at Skyline College, Allison will be coordinating the annual Sustainability Blitz program and leading outreach and engagement efforts to increase student, staff, and faculty participation in sustainability programs on campus, including the Sustainability Ambassadors Network.

The first Sustainability Ambassadors Network meeting will take place on October 06, 2015 from 2:30pm-4:00pm in Building 6, Room 6-2305. To RSVP, please email Allison at

If you would like to hear more the Sustainability Ambassadors Network, or if you would like to talk about sustainability issues in general and how they relate to your area of study, you can visit Allison in room 7326C in Building 7 or email her directly at the email provided above.

Article by Carina Anttila-Suarez, Carla Grandy | Photo by Carina Anttila-Suarez