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End-of-Year Celebration – Save the Date

8774402768_fd2ef035eb_bMay 16, 2014 is the End-of-Year Celebration! This is when the campus comes together to celebrate the hard work we’ve done all year, cheer over our accomplishments, acknowledge individuals for their service, and enjoy some food and good cheer. Please save the date from 12:00-2:00 p.m. and join your colleagues for a bit of much-needed levity before the end of the semester!

The theme is TOP SECRET, but…Trekkies are encouraged to make contact with the Enterprise in the SMT division, ext. 4221.

Math Tutoring at TRiO

1112The TRiO Student Support Service (SSS) provides a variety of services to students at Skyline College, one of which is math tutoring.  If you’ve ever been to The Learning Center then you’ve probably seen the TRiO tutors Eugene Garcia and Celia Pender hard at work making sure that TRiO students get the help they need in order to be successful in their math classes.  TRiO tutors help students in a wide variety of math subjects, ranging from algebra to calculus and especially statistics.  About forty-one percent of TRiO students using the math tutoring are Science Technology Engineer and Math (STEM) majors.  The students are also working hard, with each TRiO student spending an average of twenty hours per semester receiving services.  Recently, Extended Opportunity Program Services (EOPS) has joined with TRiO by allowing students from EOPS to receive services from the TRiO Math tutors, so our tutors are busier than ever helping others to succeed in math.

If you think that you might qualify for TRiO SSS, you can apply either on our website (https://www.skylinecollege.edu/trio/application.php)  or in person at The Learning Center.  Make sure to ask for Judith Cheung.  If accepted to the program, your needs will be assessed and you can get started right away!

Article by Ching-Yi (Miranda) Wang

Nominations for Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award 2014

Jessica LopezEvery year, the Academic Senate selects one or more recipients of the Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award. This award was established by former SMT faculty Phil Meyer to honor the contributions of faculty in their first five years of hiring who demonstrate excellence in teaching, on/off campus activities, and overall collegiality. Last year’s recipient was Jessica Lopez Jimenez.

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, or administrators. Multiple nominations for the same people or multiple people will be accepted. The Academic Senate will select a winner of the award at its May 9th meeting and will announce the winner at the May 16th End of Year Celebration.


The following faculty members are eligible for the 2014 Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award:

Year Hired


2010 Stephen Fredericks
2010 Tina Watts
2011 Amber Steele
2011 Carmen Velez de Jesus
2011 Christopher Gibson
2011 David Hasson
2011 Edmund Yee
2011 Zachary Bruno
2012 Jessica Lopez Jimenez
2012 Melissa Matthews
2012 Sarita Santos
2012 Nathan Jones
2012 Jesse Raskin
2013 Carina Antilla-Suarez
2013 Amir Esfahani
2013 Paul Bridenbaugh
2013 Julia Johnson
2013 Kym Jackson
2013 Tammy Calderon
2013 Carmen Richardson
2013 Bruce Greenstein
2013 Paula Silva
2013 Robert Williams
2013 Serena Chu-Mraz
2013 Younga Choi
2013 Phillip Williams
2013 Michelle Hawkins
2013 Adam Windham
2013  Ijaz Ahmed

Nominations may be made by filling out the nominations form sent out in email, also available for download here under “Other Vital Information.”

Please send all nominations to Leigh Anne Shaw at shawl@smccd.edu or Nick Kapp at Kapp@smccd.edu. Thank you for acknowledging the hard work that our new hires do.

Recruitment Open for the Global Mentorship Program


The Global Mentorship & Leadership Project is actively recruiting students to participate in its pilot mentorship program: Education Across the Miles-Liberia.

The Global Mentorship & Leadership Project is designed to expose Skyline College students to mentorship and leadership through the African Diaspora. This is done through face to face mentoring sessions with local professionals, networking events and interacting with students from around the world, via international video-conferences. Education Across the Miles– Liberia, focuses on young women. All young women in the program are mentored by members of the SF Links, a professional service organization that’s committed to improving the lives of underserved youth. Five Skyline College students have been selected to participate in the program, all of whom interact with nine students from Liberia on a monthly basis.

The Global Mentorship Leadership Project is an initiative developed in partnership between the African Diaspora Program at Skyline College, the African American Success Though Excellence & Persistence Learning Community (ASTEP), and Grand Bassa Community College in Liberia and the San Francisco Chapter of the Bay Area Links, Inc., (SF Links) an international professional service organization primarily composed of professional African American women.

To refer students to the Global Mentorship Project or for more information, please contact Pcyeta Stroud. Email: stroudp@smccd.edu

Article by Pcyeta Stroud

Accreditation Oversight Committee Update

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, Skyline College’s Accreditation Oversight Committee (AOC) held its final meeting of the year. The AOC focused much of its discussion on reviewing the experiences of preparing for this year’s accreditation visit and brainstorming strategies the College can implement to build on the strong foundation of work that was done. In particular, the committee discussed ways in which evidence can be collected, documented, and summarized on an ongoing basis to help facilitate the writing of the next self-evaluation. Also, the AOC discussed developing a timeline that begins now and maps out the responsibilities of the college to maintain compliance with all accreditation standards. It is important that we continually document and report our great work to ensure Skyline College Shines! So, be ready for changes to come next fall…have a wonderful summer!

Article by David Ulate

College Budget Committee Meeting

The College Budget Committee held its last meeting for this academic year on May 8, 2014. CBC discussed the presentation made by Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood last week of the draft of the new resource allocation model. The District is considering a new allocation model and is soliciting feedback. Executive Vice Chancellor Blackwood is on a listening tour to engage in conversation that is actively being held by faculty, staff, and administration in various shared governance groups at the three colleges and the district office.
The Skyline College Executive Council submitted a three-page response to the draft proposal and is still continuing to contribute ideas. CBC’s comments and concerns as expressed last week have been heard and are being carefully considered as the model undergoes further revision and the conversation about it continues.

CBC has recommended that the District seriously consider: (1) is there a need for a new model; (2) if so, any changes made should be made to improve support for student learning; and (3) innovative and effective practice should drive the budget, and not the budget drive practice. An advisory vote was taken and majority of the members present agreed that no change be made to the current allocation model.The chairs of CBC were requested to forward the results of this vote immediately. CBC expressed gratitude and appreciation for Academic Senate President Leigh Anne Shaw for her work and leadership as co-chair of the College Budget Committee.

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