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Solar & Building Science Lab

The Solar & Building Science Lab is a custom-built facility designed to provide hands-on technical training for Solar Technology and Building Science.

The Lab is also available for community education and as a resource for other academic programs, colleges, schools as well as the PG&E Pacific Energy Center.

The Solar & Building Science Lab is located in Pacific Heights, Building 19, Room 129 and includes the following facilities:

buidling science lab

Residential House Model

The Residential House Model is one of just a handful in the Bay Area and features all the basic elements of a home such as lighting, insulation, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system, appliances, attic and crawl spaces. It is used to teach students best practices for assessing and retrofitting buildings.

Insulation Lab

An Insulation Lab was added in order to provide “hands-on” training for a multitude of insulation applications such as blown-in, dense-pack, wet/damp spray, and drill and-fill. We use an Intec Force II insulation machine for training as it is one of the most common, professional-grade machines used in the industry.

The use of standard industry equipment with real-world situations means that we are able to provide students with many opportunities for field training and allow them to develop their skills in a safe, controlled classroom setting.

Solar Lab/Workshop

The Solar Lab/Workshop contains several solar inverters that can also be attached to outside solar panels. Students have the opportunity to design and build a complete solar system, as well as to test the electronic and mechanical components. Again, the emphasis is on real-world application of exciting and emerging technology solutions in an important part of the renewable energy portfolio.