The Field

Anthropologists seek to investigate, record and understand the cultures and traditions of other times and places in order to better understand human diversity. In so doing, anthropologists play crucial roles in contemporary social and political debate and advocacy, helping us better understand and engage with our multicultural world.

To succeed in Anthropology, students will need to develop strong reading, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as demonstrate a passion for understanding cultures of the present and past from a variety of perspectives.

The Anthropology Program at Skyline College

Enroll in the Anthropology Program at Skyline College for an enriching and challenging academic experience that focuses on exploring the great breadth of the human experience and viewing current events through the lens of that diversity. We offer two Associate Degrees for a clear path for transfer to a four-year institution.

Career Outlook

Working in the field of Anthropology provides a unique opportunity to study the diversity of human experience, and through implementing and sharing this knowledge, help to better understand the world around us. A degree in Anthropology provides a broad base of knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of careers including teaching, government service, law, communications, journalism and more. The demand for jobs and the pay for these careers varies widely across the nation and the State of California.

The State of California Employment Development Department provides an online Occupational Guide that provides helpful job descriptions, job outlooks and wages, and qualification requirements for a wide variety of careers. Use this guide to find more information about a career that may interest you.