The Allied Health Program at Skyline College

The Allied Health Sciences provide students with foundational knowledge necessary for health careers and for transfer programs to four-year colleges and universities. Students take courses that are taught with contextualized instruction to bring students in step with healthcare occupational practices, while providing hands-on instruction. Students also have the benefit of an Allied Health learning community to support their academic success.

Skyline College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Allied Health that is specifically geared towards students who wish to continue their education at a four-year institution and ultimately find a career in the health field.

Skyline College also offers certificates and degrees in the following Allied Health areas of study:

Career Outlook

Careers in Allied Health professions are among the fastest growing in Northern California. A degree in Allied Health prepares students for further education and for careers in a broad array of health careers. Salary ranges for these careers vary greatly depending on education level and most mid to advanced level careers require a four-year degree, and in many cases a graduate degree. The Skyline College program is an excellent resource to get you on the path to a higher degree.