Student Equity Resolution

Adopted: May 2, 2019

Whereas, Skyline College has committed to values of student success, equity, and academic excellence;

Whereas, The “brutal truths” as to outcomes for students at Skyline College show that some of the approaches we have taken as an institution do not sufficiently support equity, success, or academic excellence for many students including those who have historically been minoritized and marginalized in higher education;

Whereas, Via the Skyline College Promise, our institution has committed to supporting all students at every point along their educational journey so they can “Get in, Get through, and Graduate on time” and thus overcome our “brutal truths;

Whereas, The Comprehensive College Redesign—with its three signature components of Guided Pathways, Transformative Teaching & Learning, and the Promise Scholars Program—is a means by which the college will realize the Promise for student success; and

Whereas, A “student-ready” mindset is necessary to and inseparable from student success, equity, and academic excellence, and thus is instrumental to achieving and sustaining the Skyline College Promise;

Whereas, the Skyline College Academic Senate, as the representative body for faculty leadership on issues of teaching and learning, understands and accepts our responsibility around student success; Thus, Be It Resolved, the Skyline College Academic Senate affirm this commitment:

As a “student-ready” institution, all learning experiences, services, and activities at Skyline College must facilitate transformative learning and students' achievement of educational, personal, and/or professional goals and positive post-college outcomes.

Be It Further Resolved, that the Skyline College Academic Senate recognize the definition of transformative learning as educational experiences that positively and holistically change lives and communities; supporting all students in achieving their full potential; while meeting students’ resource, learning, and emotional needs; and that resulting in equity of outcomes for all students;

Be It Further Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate affirms our commitment to:

  • Accessible Professional Development that will prepare faculty, staff, administrators and all personnel to support transformative learning for all students; Established College processes such as the Annual Program Pn (APP) and Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) to identify equity gaps and make plans to address them;
  • Orienting our work on committees and other aspects of governance towards transformative learning and becoming more student-ready;
  • Engaging more effectively at the college and district level on decisions around all areas of the “10+1” as they relate to being student-ready.

Be It Further Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate call upon Skyline College and the San Mateo Community College District to make readily available resources needed to support faculty, staff, and administration in being student-ready, and significantly emphasizing expanding professional development opportunities;

Be It Further Resolved, That the Academic Senate call upon Skyline College and the San Mateo Community College District to create a fund, administered by the faculty senate, for the purpose of providing grants to support faculty who put forth proposals for student-ready initiatives;

Be It Further Resolved, That the Academic Senate of Skyline College commit to advancing “student-readiness” at Skyline College and partnering with students, faculty, staff and administration to achieve this end;

Be It Further Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate focus its efforts on redesigning participatory governance—inclusive of policies, procedures, and practices—such that decisions are made democratically, transparently and in alignment with District and the College Strategic Goals, and centered on the District’s long standing commitment to Success, Equity and Social Justice.

Be It Further Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate, in the interest of being “student-ready,” urge the college to ensure success for all students, regardless of preparation, by providing creative, accessible, and transformative courses and curriculum without restrictive barriers at varying levels according to students’ stated, assessed, or documented need;

Be It Finally Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate, calls upon the College Administration and Board of Trustees to engage faculty as discipline experts and as collaborative partners with the common goal of transforming lives for all the students we collectively serve.