Resolution Opposing proposed Teacher Education Discipline

Adopted: April 22, 2013

Whereas, the proposed discipline change excludes the Masters Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, which are appropriate advanced degrees  for this discipline as they include strong preparation in pedagogy and child development from infancy  through  primary or adolescence with study related to each of the academic and developmental domains  addressed in prekindergarten through 3-12th grade,  and 

Whereas, the proposed discipline would establish a confusing new precedent with respect to minimum qualifications of both masters degrees and teaching credentials,  degrading the two Masters degrees that specifically address learning and teaching, and

Whereas, the proposed discipline would create a situation whereby faculty who currently teach Child Growth & Development courses required for the Associate in Arts-Transfer degree in Elementary Education would be deemed unqualified to teach to the degree, and 

Whereas the California public education system that includes transitional kindergartens which draw upon early childhood education and child development as the resource base for their teaching is specifically focused on Early Childhood Education;  

Resolved, that the Skyline College Academic Senate opposes this discipline change and urges the ASCCC to reject the proposed change on basis of exclusion of these vital Masters Degrees for this field.