End-of-Year Report: 2020–21

Leigh Anne Shaw, Academic Senate President 2020-21

It is an understatement to say that the academic year 2020-21 was “a year like no other.” This report details some of the events, actions, discussions, and issues that the Skyline College Academic Senate faced and addressed.

Table of Contents

Training of Membership

The Academic Senate engaged in the following training activities:

Committee Chairs retreat – June 25, 2020

  • Committee Chairs gathered to talk about their committees and charges.
  • Two committees in particular, Professional Personnel and Educational Policy, revealed a need for examination of structure, role, purpose, and charge.
  • The retreat resulted in a goal to examine these committees and recommend a structure that serves students, the senate, and the college community.

Whole Senate Retreat – August 11, 2020

  • The senate was oriented to the framework of the 10+1, the senate bylaws, and discussion and decision-making.

Online senate training (Canvas modules)

  • This senate training module was created with content from the ASCCC.
  • Senate officers were obligated to complete all 7 modules; senators were obligated to complete modules 1, 4, and 7.

Senate Goals

The Academic Senate put its attention towards enhancing governance processes and strengthening senate voice and action to benefit students. To this end, the senate focused on the following three areas:

1. Enhancing Senate effectiveness:

  • Collegial Consultation: The Academic Senate committed to continuing to build on the work by the Collegial Consultation Ad Hoc Committee (2019-2020).
    Status: Complete, with adjustments to new leadership.
  • Enhancing Division Meetings: Discussion on 10/01/20, followed by a study session in January 2021 that resulted in shared understanding.
    Status: Follow-up to take place in Fall 2021.
  • Committee Review and Revision
    • Educational Policy committee As Skyline College is the only college with an Ed Policy committee, the chair was asked to examine the role of Ed Policy with an aim towards enhancing its effectiveness and centering its work in a meaningful way.
      Status: continuing into Fall 2021.
    • The Professional Personnel Committee’s charge has long been misunderstood by many; the chair was asked to engage in work towards connecting Professional Learning into its charge, and by association, into the senate’s The result has been a proposed re-envisioning of Professional Learning designed for greater equity and access.
      Status: Continued work will extend into Fall 2021.
  • Restructuring the Senate web pages: The Senate web pages are in process of redesign for greater accessibility and information transparency.
    Status: 80% complete, continuing into Fall 2021.
  • Examining the purpose of Academic Senate dues. The treasurer surveyed the senate to evaluate the senate’s practice of collecting The dues amounts and revenue have not changed over several years and are always used to contribute the same amounts to support scholarships and book rental, with a small amount left over for awards. The treasurer is working with the sister college senates to discuss meaningful use of the dues and the treasurer’s role.
    Status: Continuing into Fall 2021.
  • Bylaws. Discussion of further bylaws revision to eliminate conflicts of interest in division Status: Work to engage and complete in Fall 2021.

2. Holding space for sharing of lived experiences

  • The Academic Senate featured several discussions in response to incidents of anti-Asian hate and violence as well as the importance of supporting members of our campus community.
    Status: Ongoing.

3. Engaging campus in dialogue related to the pandemic

  • The Senate held multiple discussions related to operations under the pandemic, including technology needs, training, emotional support, student assessment and grading, and recovery towards in-person return to campus.
    Status: Continuing into Fall 2021.

Faculty Appointments

ASCCC appointments

  • ASCCC CCC Library Services Platform project committee: Kim Lim (ASLT)
  • ASCCC OERI Liaison: Ame Maloney (ASLT)
  • ASCCC Part-Time Committee: Alpha Lewis (BEPP/GLPS)
  • ASCCC Resolutions Committee: Annie Corbett (SSCA)
  • ASCCC Educational Policy Committee: Leigh Anne Shaw (LA)

District appointments

  • District Faculty Qualifications Committee: Luciana Castro, Pia Walawalkar

Senate appointments of senator positions for Fall 2020/Spring 2021

  • Senate executive committee: Tim Rottenberg (SSLT), Ame Maloney (ASLT), Pia Walawalkar (ASLT)
  • Adjunct senator position: Pablo Ramirez (LA)

Screening committee appointments for faculty and administrative hires

  • Business: Soledad McCarthy, Nate Nevado, Linda Whitten
  • Chemistry (new): Christine Case, Yancy Aquino, Mousa Ghanma
  • Chemistry (replacement): AJ Bates, Joaquin Rivera-Contreras, Jing Folsom
  • Cosmetology: Cassidy Ryan-White, Tammy Calderon, Carmen Richardson
  • Engineering/Computer Science: Nick Langhoff, Jenny Le, Denise Hum, Norm Del Prado
  • Biology: Christine Case, Yancy Aquino, Alice Erskine, Kenyatta Weathersby
  • Counseling: Melanie Espinueva, Alberto Santellan, Beverly Muse
  • Geography: John Ulloa, Susan Mahoney (Cañada College), James Wong, Carlos Colombetti
  • Distance Education Coordinator: Bianca Rowden-Quince, Ame Maloney, Kim Saccio- Kent, Kolo Wamba, Tammy Calderon, Jessica Hurless
  • Vice President of Student Services: Kim Davalos, Loraine DeMello, Jacquie Escobar, Nate Nevado
  • Middle College Director: Tim Rottenberg, Lavinia Zanassi
  • International Students Program Manager: Carlos Romero
  • Equity Institute Executive Director: Kate Williams Brown, Ruben Parra, Nina Floro, Danielle
  • Equity Institute Manager: Mustafa Popal
  • Interim Vice President of Instruction Screening (internal appt): Lindsey Ayotte (as incoming senate president)
  • Vice President of Administrative Services: (to be appointed Summer 2021)
Tenure review evaluation committee appointments
  • KAD Division evaluation committee: Jan Fosberg, Gabe Saucedo, Justin Piergrossi
  • Committee for Chris Watters (KAD): Justin Piergrossi, Jan Fosberg, Dino Nomicos
  • Committee for Lindsey Ayotte (LA): Jessica Hurless, Danielle Powell, Nina Floro
  • Committee for Vincent Chandler (LA): Jessica Hurless, Danielle Powell, Michael Cross
  • Committee for Janice Sapigao (LA): Rachel Bell, Liza Erpelo, Rob Williams
  • Committee for Katie Hern (LA): Rachel Bell, Nina Floro, Lucia Lachmayr
  • Committee for Felicia Mazzi (LA): Leigh Anne Shaw, Erinn Struss, Luciana Castro
Campus committee appointments
  • Participatory Governance Task Group: Cassidy Ryan-White (replacing Mustafa Popal)
  • Faculty Professional Development (Article 13): Janice Sapigao
  • Advisory Committee on Employee Development (ACED): Nina Floro, Janice Sapigao, Kim Saccio- Kent, Pia Walkawalkar
  • Educational Policy: Carlos Colombetti, Rick Hough, Nathan Jones, Hui Pate, Carlos Romero, Gabe Saucedo
  • Comprehensive Program Review Task Force: Leigh Anne Shaw, Nancy Kaplan Biegel, Lucy Jovel, Cassidy Ryan-White, Jeremy Evangelista
  • Campus Climate Work Group: Lavinia Zanassi, Sujatha (Suji) Venkataraman
  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) Senate representative: Vincent Chandler
  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) faculty tri-chair: Vincent Chandler

Resolutions, Endorsements, Statements, and Letters of Support


Senate Letters of Support and Endorsements

  • Letter of Support for Online Education Initiative grant
  • Endorsement of DAS Ethnic Studies resolution
  • Endorsement of Division Meeting study session
  • Endorsement of AFT resolution on Pedagogically Sound Class Size
  • Endorsement of revisions to District Board Policy 27 Regarding Smoking on Campus
  • Renewed support for OER Resolution from 2016

Senate statements

Statement by President Shaw Jan 21, 2021 regarding attack on U.S. Capitol, January 6, 2021:

It’s been a historic week following acts that have rocked our nation and shaken our sanctity more than we thought was possible, but I am hopeful that light may repel the darkness that has consumed us. I myself am recovering from a death in the family, my own battle with COVID-19, and the exhaustion from a daily adrenaline surge over the last four years. I wish to take this time now to recognize how fortunate I am to be a part of our Skyline College community. I also want to publicly support the words expressed by our campus president and our district chancellor regarding the assault on our capitol and our democracy, and I wish to affirm to you right now my own relentless commitment to ending injustice and forging a path for equity in education and our world.

The work that equity and social justice requires should not be politicized, and yet, it has become so. I am not so naïve to believe that everyone at Skyline College supports the new U.S. presidential administration; to do so is a personal choice. President Joe Biden spoke in his inaugural speech about the cherished American right to disagree. You and I can disagree about economic policies or positions in world diplomacy, but there are some things that we cannot agree to disagree on. White supremacy is one. Overthrow of our democracy is another. Alignment with fascism is a third. If you look around you at those who are on your side, and if you see confederate flags, white supremacists, Nazis, people in tactical gear calling for murder, conspiracy theorists peddling misinformation, denial of a virulent pandemic that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and will kill many more, caging of children, demeaning of the vulnerable, violence against the powerless – if you see this things near you, you’re on the wrong side. This is not debatable. Be assured that those uncivil and anti-American values will never find support in the Academic Senate.

As a nation, we have enormous work ahead to heal damage and division. I want make it clear that I consider it the Academic Senate’s duty to fight for equity for our students and our entire campus community. We are obligated, as Amanda Gorman said so eloquently in her inaugural poem, to “compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions.” She reflected on how close we’ve come to shattering our nation rather than sharing it. The journey towards equity and inclusion is the hill we climb, fraught with stumbles and missteps, but one that heals the wounds that we’ve inherited and allowed to worsen through decades of unjust policies. The documentarian Ken Burns has said that we actually have three viruses: COVID- 19, white supremacy, and misinformation. Let’s commit to ending all of them. I will do everything in my power to facilitate that action even after I am gone from this office.

Awards and Nominations

  • ASCCC Exemplary Program: The Skyline College Physics Department (nominated)
  • ASCCC Hayward Award: Jennifer Merrill (nominated)
  • Skyline College Phil Meyer Award: Soledad McCarthy, Nicole Porter, Kenyatta Weathersby, Rika Yonemura-Fabian (awarded)
  • Faculty Marshall for Commencement: Mike Fitzgerald (2020) and Jan Fosberg (2021),  (awarded)

Transformational Discussions and Actions on Campus and District Matters

Comprehensive Program Review

  • The Senate reviewed new separate templates created for instruction and student services as part of the process of revision of the Comprehensive Program Review process.
    Endorsed Fall 2020.

Policies Ensuring Greater Equity for Students and Community

  • The Educational Policy committee engaged the Senate in discussion on equitable application of placement for students falling between two separate catalog rights allotment.
  • The Ed Policy committee asked the Senate’s input into the policy governing credit by examination.
  • The Senate supported the Only Fog @Skyline initiative focused on a healthier campus.
  • The Senate advocated for broader access to nutritional support as well as financial options for students suffering from the effects of the coup in Myanmar.
  • The Senate supported the DAS revision to the policy governing Full-Time Temporary faculty classification and hiring.

Focus on Black student success

  • The Senate requested of College Governance Council that an inquiry task group made up of key constituents be convened to focus specifically on Black student success.

Distance Education Handbook

  • The Senate approved updates to the DE Handbook in Fall 2020.

Campus Climate Work Group

  • In response to the 2019 McPhail report, this committee was convened by Dr. Moreno and the Senate appointed faculty to serve in Fall 2020.

Skyline College Scale of Adoption and Assessment (SOAA)

  • The Guided Pathways directors solicited and received Senate approval in Spring 2021.

A Framework for Committee Appointments

  • The Academic Senate discussed the importance of intentionality in the appointment of faculty to committees. This framework is still in discussion.

Diversification of Faculty Ranks discussion

  • The senate reviewed and discussed the importance of diversification of faculty ranks, supporting efforts by the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee and the District Academic Senate