DRAFT Minutes for October 21, 2021


  • Quorum was reached at 24/25 voting minutes present.
  • Members who were not in attendance are indicated by (not present).

Voting Members

Executive Officers

    • President: Lindsay Ayotte - votes in ties
    • Vice President: Cassidy Ryan-White
    • Secretary: Kim Saccio
    • Treasurer: Rika Yonemura-Fabian
    • Past President: Kate Williams Browne - non-voting (not present)


    • Ame Maloney
    • Dick Claire
    • Filipp Gleyser
    • Jacqueline Escobar
    • Alberto Santellan
    • Jessica Truglio
    • TBD
Language Arts:
    • Rachel Bell
    • Jarrod Feiner
    • Danielle Powell
    • Amber Steele
    • Younga Choi
    • Maryam Khan
    • Kolo Wamba
    • Amir Esfahani (not present)
    • Jennifer Merrill
    • Jude Navari
CTE Senator
    • Soledad McCarthy
Part-Time Faculty
    • Timothy Rottenberg
    • Jessica Silver-Sharp
    • Suji Venkataraman
Non-voting Members

Governance Committee Chairs

    • Curriculum: Jessica Hurless
    • Educational Policy: Jacqueline Escobar
    • Professional Personnel: Bianca Rowden-Quince

Advisory Members

    • AFT: Marianne Kaletzky (not present)
    • ASSC: Anthony Tran
    • Classified Senate: Kennya Ruiz, Marissa Thigpen
    • PD/CTTL: Bianca Rowden-Quince
    • SEEED: TBD
    • Guided Pathways: Ernesto Hernandez (not present)
    • OER: Ame Maloney
  • John Ulloa

  • Zack Bruno

  • Janice Sapigao

  • Jonathan Justo


1.0 Opening Procedures

1.1 Adjourn October 7, 2021 meeting

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 1

Notes: Senator Steele motioned; Senator Navari seconded. Passed in unanimous vote.

1.2 Call to Order

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 1

Notes: Meeting called to order at 2:11.

1.3 Senate Networking

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 10


1.4 Adoption of Agenda

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 1

Notes: Senator Wamba motioned; Senator Bell seconded. Passed in unanimous vote.

1.5 Adoption of Minutes

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 1

Notes: Approval of minutes from October 7, 2021 meeting. Senator Truglio motioned; Senator McCarthy seconded. Senator Merrell noted an error in Public Comments: she is from Social Science/Creative Arts , not Language Arts. Secretary Saccio will make that correction on the website. Minutes adopted in unanimous vote.

1.6 Public Comment

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 3


  • John Ulloa reported that received a pop-up in Canvas with direct link to “Online Class Tutoring Help.” He followed this up and discovered what sounds like a scam – or at least academic fraud.  Professional Personnel Chair Rowden-Quince commented that this sounds like Canvas LMS has been hacked. She provided email address for Chris Smith, District Web admin, and asked Ulloa to contact him immediately. He will do so.
  • Senator Steele requests Senate to clarify procedures and policies for coming back onto campus in Spring 2021. She is especially concerned re. faculty and staff who choose not to be vaccinated. Right now it’s not clear how we are moving forward with this. She brought up other issues re masking and social distancing.  
  • Zack Bruno is concerned re. how exemption requests will be handled. He requested an exemption 17 days ago yet was told it would take a week.
  • Senator Silver-Sharp reported a list of concerns from the AFT 1493 Health and Safety Committee. She read from a prepared statement, noted here: “We are asking for the Senate to get involved and help advocate how the faculty voice can be heard and be considered by our administration as part of our participatory governance process. Our Health and Safety Committee charge, doesn’t allow us to make, but only to recommend, policy and our recommendations are rarely forwarded up to the next body, which is the District Safety Committee, which meets behind closed doors, and without any faculty representatives. So, the Health and Safety Committee administrators, which includes tri-chairs, plus many managers, have made clear during meetings over the past six months, that they aren't interested in the majority of our faculty recommendations, and they're not interested in enforcing the Board's mandates until Spring, although many faculty are obviously working face to face with students now. At recent meetings, administrators have disregarded our reports of sick students, and they've waylaid our attempts to discuss the enforcement of student masking - even though our Fall MOU says enforcement is not faculty's responsibility. In fact, they say that if an issue involves managing students, it's the Senate issue. Otherwise, talk to your dean or file a CARES report. So, the concerns that faculty have relayed to the health and safety committee have related to issues that affect us, and our students inside the classroom and outside of it, such as in the library, counseling spaces, and cafeteria. So as, as AFT reps, we look forward to working with the Senate, and we hope the Senate will seriously consider these issues, and we know the AFT and the Senate are both strongest when we work together.”
  • Curriculum Chair Hurless reminded Senate that President Moreno is holding regular Friday open meetings to address campus opening concerns and policies.
  • Classified Senate Representative Thigpen brought up student perspective re. cohorts: will professors be allowed to use Zoom for students who cannot return for campus?
  • President Ayotte invited meeting participants to submit agenda request forms so that we can bring these matters to Senate.

2.0 New Senate Business 

2.1 Adoption of Anti-Asian Hate Resolution Task Force Faculty Membership

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Treasurer Yonemura-Fabian

Time:  5

Notes: Three faculty members volunteered for this task force: Suji Venkataraman, Karen Wong, and Rika Yonemura-Fabian. Vice President Ryan-White motioned to approve these faculty; Senator McCarthy seconded. Passed in unanimous vote.

2.2 ASAP Checklist

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Senators Maloney, Silver-Sharp, Feiner, and Truglio

Time: 10

Notes: Senate will be voting to adopt Academic Senate Agenda Priorities (ASAP) Checklist, which is available on Google Slides. (Note: In earlier Senate discussions this was referred to as “Equity Checklist.”) this checklist will be incorporated into the Senator Claire motioned to approve; Senator Merrill seconded. Senator Navari asked to clarification on reasons for some yes/no questions and some short answer questions. He suggests providing drop-down lists of possible responses for items 2 and 3. Other questions: How many criteria does a proposed agenda item need to meet? Do each of the criteria have equal weight? Vice President Ryan-White responded that this is a priority list and Senate Exec did not determine strict numerical criteria. Senator Venkataraman asked for items 2 and 6 to be broken out into multiple choice/dropdown lists. Professional Development Chair Rowden-Quince suggested some minor edits to address. Motion to amend ASAP Checklist to incorporate items that were provided during the discussion: Senator Maloney motioned; Senator Feiner seconded. Vote to accept amendments passed with 20 votes. Senator Navari motioned to adopt amended checklist; Senator Claire seconded. Motion passed with 21 votes.

Final ASAP Checklist:

  1. Does the item directly connect to the 10+1? Y/N
  2. Does the item directly advance the student experience (for example, academic excellence, student success, …)? (add multiple choice/checklist)
  3. Who will benefit from the discussion/presentation? (add multiple choice/checklist)
  4. Does the item have a measurable/actionable outcome? Y/N  
  5. Is the item time-sensitive? Y/N  
  6. Does the item advance our AS/college mission and/or goals regarding equity and anti-racist practices? Y/N

2.3 Final List of Goals

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: President Ayotte, Vice President Ryan-White

Time:  15


Senate will be voting to adopt goals set down here:

  1. Faculty Coordinator: further explore the faculty coordinator position and learn from the current models to develop clear definition and scope of the role and duties.
  2. Tracking Committee Membership: Work to develop a procedure for tracking faculty committee membership and create standards for committee reporting and engagement.
  3. Class Cancelation practices: Collaborate with campus constituents to determine clear class cancellation practices (In Progress: Class Cancelation Guidance Task Group)

Before we proceeded with a vote, Vice President Ryan-White presented an ad hoc update on the Class Cancellation task force: Since we voted on our faculty representation at the last Senate meeting, Classified Senate and the ASSC have also chosen their representation. They have talked to the deans and also invited the Bookstore manager and other stakeholders to join the task force. This week, the VPI’s office will schedule the first meeting, during the first week of November, to begin the conversation. The goal right now is to have a first draft of the resolution presented on November 18, and then present it to the CGC at the December 15 meeting. We then moved to approval of the goals provided above. Ed Policy Chair Escobar moved; Professional Development Chair Rowden-Quince seconded. Discussion ensued:

  • Senator Santellan asked about the goal to clarify policy and procedures, which has dropped off. Curriculum Chair Hurless and Professional Development Chair Rowden-Quince responded that this statement “clarify policy and procedures” was not specific enough to craft an actionable goal for; Senator Santellan answered that he did not receive more specific guidance from Counseling division.
  • Ed Policy Chair Escobar reminded Senate that we do have an Educational Policy standing committee and explained that requests for clarification can be brought to that committee.
  • Senator Truglio supported Senator Santellan and shared background with Counseling confusion around forced return to campus in Fall 2021. Clarified that policy and procedures they are concerned about relate to returning to campus.
  • Senator Merrill brought up additional concerns from SSCA regarding policies and procedures relating to program creation, return to campus. What does genuine collegial consultation look like?
  • Treasurer Yonemura-Fabian asked if Goal 1 (clarifying coordinator role) includes the possibility of creating coordinator positions in departments that lack them.
  •  The discussion shifted to difference between department chairs and faculty coordinators. Senator Claire shared history of department chairs vs coordinators in our district.
  • A long and complex discussion ensued, which took meeting 20 minutes past time.
  • Senator Steele motioned to amend the list; Senator Maloney seconded. Motion to amend passed with 21 votes.
  • During further discussion, President Ayotte edited the list of Senate priorities for AY21-22 with feedback from Senate.
  • Senator Santellan motioned to adopt amended goals; Senator Steele seconded. Motion to approve passed with 20 votes.

Final version of Academic Senate Goals for AY21-22

  1. Faculty Coordinator: further explore the faculty coordinator position and learn from the current models to develop clear definition and scope of the role and duties.
  2. Tracking Committee Membership: Work to develop a procedure for tracking faculty committee membership and create standards for committee reporting and engagement.
  3. Examine policies and procedures that impact students, faculty, and the 10+1:
    1. Collaborate with campus constituents to determine clear return to campus procedures and practices.
    2. Procedures regarding program creation and collegial consultation (in progress, in Curriculum Committee)
    3. Collaborate with campus constituents to determine clear class cancellation practices.

2.4 District Anti-Racism Mission, Vision, Values Draft

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time:  30

Notes: President Ayotte shared the  SMCCCD Antiracism Council Draft Preamble, Vision, Mission, Values for Senate to review and comment upon in Google Docs. President Ayotte and Ed. Policy chair Jacqueline Escobar will take this draft to the November 1, District Participatory Governance Council meeting (DPCG). See District Antiracism Council website for more info.

2.5 ZTC/OER Update

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Senator Maloney

Time:  10

Notes: See Senator Maloney’s Google Slides presentation for updated data.

2.6 Adobe Sign Update

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Professional Personnel Committee Chair Rowden-Quince

Time:  5

Notes: As a pilot project, faculty evaluation processes are using Adobe sign to manage signatures on all of evaluation documents. Here’s how it works best: Sign into Adobe Sign first (the link is in the FAQ, provided below). You’ll be routed to OneLogin and prompted for SMCCD credentials. Download the relevant observation form from the AFT website and complete it in PDF. Be sure to save your work! Use that PDF for observation meetings and so on. Then, log in to Adobe sign, and copy and paste all of the information from your PDF. Finally, forward it along signatures. People have run into problems when they try to use the form inside of Adobe Sign. For more information, see the Adobe Sign FAQ.


3.0 Standing Agenda Items

3.1 Committee Reports

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter(s): Standing Committee Chairs, ASSC President, FTEFAC Co-Chair, IEC tri-chair

Time: 15



  • Vice President Cassidy-Ryan announced that the deans’ presentations are being held tomorrow, and are open to the public. Marketing has sent out an email with details.

Curriculum Committee

  • Curriculum Chair Hurless shared that Curriculum Committee goals have been approved for this academic year. One of the first things that they’re trying to do is create a work group to clarify certificate certificates for students. What are the different certificates? Which ones can get financial aid? What are the actual goals, as in careers? All of that information should be clearly laid out in the catalog and possibly on the certificate advisories. Contact her if you are interested in joining that work group.


  • Treasurer Yonemura-Fabian reported that Creativity is being added as a sixth ISLO. Art faculty are piloting this proposed ISLO in their courses.

Professional Personnel Committee 

  • Senator Rowden-Quince shared that award season is upon us. The first award is the Academic Senate Exemplary Program Award.  The nominations are due by end of day on Monday, October 25.  The theme this year is, “Addressing Inequity in a Time of Crisis.”  Skyline College can nominate one program for the chance to win a $4,000 cash award, so nominate your colleagues today!  The nomination form is available in Google Drive.
  • The October 13 Flex Day was a success. Looking ahead to the Spring term, there are two Flex Days in January. There is a request/conversation to switch the days so that the Thursday Flex Day would be College (and the inflexible flex) and the Friday Flex Day would be the District (as flexible flex).

3.2  President’s Report

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 5

Notes: President Ayotte will be attending Plenary during the November 4 Senate meeting.  At the recent Area meeting, she received a resolutions packet and will email it out to seek feedback from constituents before debating and voting on behalf of Skyline College at Plenary.


4.0 Announcement and Closing Procedures

4.1. Announcements

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 1

Notes:  No announcements.

4.2. Motion to Adjourn

Presenter: President Ayotte

Time: 0

Notes: Motion to adjourn the meeting moved by Cassidy Ryan-White, seconded by Alberto Santellan. Motion unanimously passed. 

Next meeting will be November 4, 2021. If you would like to request an item be put on the agenda (Discussion, action or information) please submit your request for the next meeting by Tuesday October 26, 2021 by 12:00pm. You can request an agenda item here.

Academic and Professional Matters, AB 1725 “10 + 1”

  1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
  2. Degree and certificate requirements
  3. Grading policies
  4. Educational program development
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
  6. District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities
  9. Processes for program review
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development
  11. Other academic and professional matters as are mutually agreed upon between the governing board and the academic senate