Westlake School Performances

Westlake School for the Performng Arts "Christmas Concert"

California Classical BalletEvery year in December, Westlake School of the Performing Arts presents a "Holiday Show" to showcase thier performers talent and christmas spirit at the same time.  Mixed in with the traditional christmas music you will find Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap, and of course the traditional Ballet that makes W.S.P.A. a one of a kind performing arts school.  Of course, there's always a suprise visitor that it wouldn't be Christmas without!

Westlake School for the Performing Arts Presents: "The Lion King"

State of the artWestlake School of the Performing Arts is not only known for it's excellent dance school, but is renown for it's Musical Theatre department. In the Summer of 2012, the Musical Theatre School at W.S.P.A. presented Disney's "Lion King".  Complete with costumes, props, tradition African rythyms and music, and of course, a whole lot of talent... the characters that Disney made famous come alive on stage.

Westlake School for the Performing Arts 21st Annual Showcase

Normally performed in San Mateo, Westlake School of the Performing Arts graced Skyline College Theatre with their Gala spectacular and 21st annual showcase.  Over the course four days, Many talented young dancers performed onstage in one or more of six spectacular shows, all of which sold out!

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