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College Governance Council Held on Sept. 24

The College Governance Committee met on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 2:10 – 4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  All council members were present.

The group considered the April 23, 2014 minutes (the last meeting of the spring semester) unanimously and the minutes were approved. (M/S/U Perkins/Browne.)

Orientation to College Governance Committee

President Stanback Stroud welcomed the new members of College Governance Council (CGC) and provided an orientation of the CGC to the members of the committee.  The orientation included a review of the Governance Philosophy Statement, the Bylaws of the Council, and council member responsibilities as constituent representatives and the SharePoint site for managing the agenda, sharing documents, creating reference files and holding electronic discussions.  Dr. Stroud reminded Dr. Blake to have Amory Cariadus ensure that students have access to the site by working with IT to develop a solution to the lack of student access to the SharePoint for governance process.

A Participatory Governance Manual for the CGC is available for their review on the CGC SharePoint site under documents.  Dr. Stroud recommended that the committee reviews the manual in preparation for the year.

Dr. Stroud explained the role of the CGC and how items are discussed and approved by the governance committees before it is brought before the CGC.  The CGC is the primary governance body that makes recommendations to the President through a majority vote.  When possible, the group seeks to reach consensus.

Notes will be included in Skyline Shines.  Regina recommended that all governance committees/councils place articles in Skyline Shines in order to disseminate information about the status of governance items.  President Stanback Stroud reminded CGC to think of the governance in the contexts of the Accreditation Standards.

SPARC Update

Vice President of Administrative Services Eloisa Briones, provided an update on the newly combined budget and planning committee – Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources (SPARC).  In the 2013-2014 fiscal year the recommendation to merge CBC (College Budget Committee) and the IPC (Institutional Planning Committee) was approved.  The new committee, SPARC, has a membership which is similar to the CBC and IPC.  There will be a member from all the constituent groups, divisions, and administration.  During the times the committee considers budget issues, the committee will be co-chaired by Vice President Briones and Senate President Kate Brown.  When the committee addresses Planning issues, it will be chaired by Aaron McVean.

Vice President Briones reviewed the charge of the committee: “The Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee will coordinate, integrate and communicate college-wide planning and budgeting.  This committee will make integrated planning and budget recommendations to the College Governance Council.”

Vice President Briones announced that on September 30 from 2-4 p.m. in room 6202 there will be a District Strategic Planning Forum for all to attend.  The District has engaged the services of Voorhees Consulting for this project. Council members were encouraged to attend and to encourage their constituency to attend as well.

Vice President Briones announced that at the October 30 SPARC meeting, Kathy Blackwood will be presenting the new resource allocation model.  The meeting will be held in room 6203 from 2-4 p.m.

SSSP and Student Equity Update

​The college will be submitting a plan for Student Equity and SSSP.  Many are involved in the development of the plans which will go to the appropriate governance committees.

The Student Equity Plan is being developed in collaboration with SEEED under the leadership of Dr. Angélica Garcia.

Dr. Blake, Vice President of Student Services, provided an update on the status of the draft SSSP and Student Equity plans.  The SSSP plan is due October 17 and will include the allocated resources.

The SSSP four categories are:

  1. Assessment – alternative methods
  2. Orientation
  3. Counseling and Advising (1 semester to comprehensive)
  4. “At Risk” Services

Dr. Angélica Garcia, Dean of Counseling, Advising, & Matriculation, has been meeting with constituent groups.  The plan will go through SPARC for planning integration.  The plan will come to CGC for recommendation to the President.

Dr. Blake continued with an update on the work being done with the Student Equity Plan.  The plan is due January 1, 2015.  The areas of the Student Equity Plan are:

  • Access
  • Retention
  • Transfer
  • Degree and Certificate Completion
  • ESOL

There will be forums held in October for additional feedback.

Middle College

Dr. Sarah Perkins, Vice President of Instruction provided a report on the progress in the development of the Middle College under the leadership of Dr. Raymond Jones and Mary Gutierrez.  The first Middle College cohort is expected to start Fall 2015.

The Middle College is one of the Strategic Priorities of the College.  The Chancellor provided support funds to support the planning and development process leading up to a fall implementation.

Dr. Jones has begun the initial work for this project and there have been many meetings over the past year with potential partners such as the South San Francisco Unified School District, Jefferson Union High School District and San Mateo Union High School District.  On Monday, September 29, Chancellor Ron Galatolo, Regina Stanback Stroud, Sarah Perkins, Mary Gutierrez and Raymond Jones will be meeting with local Superintendents.

Career Pathways Trust

The SMCCCD/SMC consortium proposal for Career Pathways Trust funds is being resubmitted for funding.  ​There are two initiatives for AB86:

1.  Adult Ed – Noncompetitive.  Funds given to High School and partners based on a formula.  San Mateo County did a fantastic job being organized.  Larry Tesharo and Gregory Anderson provided the leadership on this component.  Two of the working groups were led by Leigh Ann Shaw and Mary Gutierrez.

2.  Career Pathways Trust Funds (CCPT or CPT) – competitive.  Dr. Perkins provided leadership for this SMCCCD submission.  The SMC consortium proposal did not receive funding.  The next round of funding is expected to be released this fall.

At this time we do not have an estimate time for the grant to be submitted. The first round was $250 million.  The follow up will be the second half which is $250 million.  We are beginning planning for application

Introductions – Director of Marketing Communications and Public Relations

President Stanback Stroud introduced Ms. Jennifer Owen-Blackmon, substitute for Cherie Colin, Director of MCPR, who is out on family leave.  Jennifer will be with us until March 31, 2015.  She has 15 years of experience in marketing.

Academic Senate Report

Kate Browne, President of Academic Senate, reported that this year the Academic Senate goal is to be all inclusive with the college.  They have invited AFT, Classified Senate and Administration to attend Academic Senate meetings.

Dean of Counseling, Advising, & Matriculation, Dr. Angélica Garcia, will be a guest at the Academic Senate meeting to discuss the SSSP and SE plans.  President Stanback Stroud has also been invited to attend an Academic Senate meeting to speak on College Plans and Challenges.   Sarah Perkins and Joi Blake will be attending an Academic Senate meeting as well as the three new Division Deans.

The Academic Senate has been discussing the Faculty Evaluation process.  There have been many comments made about Appendix G of the process.  Soon there will be appointments to the Evaluation Guidance Committee (EGC).

Another topic of discussion is Professional Development and Professional Personnel.  The Senate is taking a very active role in recreating the structure.  This way the information regarding applying for funds is clearer to all employees.  Kate and Sarah will be working together to complete this goal.

The other item of discussion is the minimum qualifications.  Currently the District Office is creating two committees for Psychology and Reading.

Classified Senate Report

Alana Utsumi reported to CGC that the Senate is currently working to create a Classified Senate Code of Ethics district wide.  Originating from a discussion between a member of the accreditation site visit team and the past President of the Classified Senate, we are currently working on a district-wide classified staff code of ethics.  Michele Haggar and Alana Utsumi will be visiting to Cañada College to discuss with the college’s Classified Senate President and Vice-President, and will eventually seek approval of the Classified Senate of Cañada and the Classified Staff at CSM before moving it forward for approval. Some clarification will be pursued, based on information received at the CGC regarding a Management/Staff Code of Ethics already in existence. Dr. Stroud referred Alana to review the Board of Trustees ethic statement.  She also explained that the discussion by the Accreditation Site visiting team member regarding the ethic statement was a misunderstanding.

The Classified Senate is also discussing Assembly Bill 2558, Faculty and Staff professional Development, approved by the governor on September 19th.  This bill will bring changes to funding for professional development.  We’ve been keeping an eye on this bill in the hopes of expanding professional development opportunities and just trying to bring awareness to the staff that they are supported in their efforts to improve themselves and their professional skills.

Upcoming workshops led by Classified Staff members, through the CTTL:

  1. Wellness Walking Club, Sandra Hatzistratis in Kinesiology (Tuesday, October 7 at 1pm)
  2. Going Green in the Workplace – Becoming resource-efficient, myself (Wednesday, October 8 at noon)
  3. Beginning LinkedIn and Professional Portraits, Lezra Chenportillo from Career Center (Wednesday, October 22 at 1pm)
  4. Beginning Excel Workshop (Wednesday, November 19 at 2pm)

We are in the planning stages of our annual scholarship fundraiser; trying to come up with some new ideas to help raise funds.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report

Nicole Harris, President of ASSC, shared with the CGC upcoming events.  Currently they are in the midst of the Latino Heritage Month, ASSC gave $5000 for various activities. On September 25, they hosted a movie screening of “Summer of Gods” in the multicultural center.  Following the screening the director was in attendance to answer questions.

The ASSC is thinking of restarting the “The Fog” newsletter this year.  The goals this year is to get students engaged with the events on campus.  The month of October is DRC month and the ASSC gave $1000 for events.  Meier Schneider will be on campus to speak on the topic of vision for life, how to enhance your vision.  Skytalks is being planned as well.

Dr. Cornel West delivered a presentation to a full theater of college faculty, staff, students, and community members.  The ASSC has scheduled the Harvest Festival on October 30th which will also be the kick off to the Can Food Drive.  The ASSC Council attended their first retreat where they worked on their leadership skills.

Dennis Zheng, Vice President of ASSC, shared a concern regarding the Wi-Fi on campus.  During high level of usage, especially midterms and finals, the Wi-Fi works sporadically on campus in different areas.  Jonathan Paver, Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies will check with IT to see how information can be collected regarding the weak Wi-Fi areas on campus.

Accreditation Follow-Up Report

The follow up report for the ACCJC is due October 15th.  Aaron McVean, Dean of PRIE, reviewed the response report on the recommendation on the deficiency found during the site visit.  The group discussed the short document.

(M/S/U Perkins/Browne.) It was moved that the CGC recommend to the President that the document to ACCJC addressing the Deficiency be forwarded to the Board of Trustees through the Chancellor.

Meeting Adjourned

Skyline College Hosts U.S. Department of Labor Event for Multi-State Meeting on New Workforce Legislation

DOL Event 1 Over 250 state and local leaders from a wide range of workforce development systems gathered at Skyline College on October 10, 2014 to discuss the Department of Labor’s new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) signed by President Obama in July this year.  This Town Hall meeting was second in a series of nationwide meetings organized by the Department of Labor (DOL) to solicit input on the WIOA implementation.

The signing came after the bill’s passage in Congress with strong bipartisan majorities in both houses. The new law marks the first major update to federal job training programs in more than 15 years and outlines plans to improve coordination in workforce programs for adult and youth training and education programs at the federal, state and local levels. The law was previously called the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), itself an update to previous federal workforce investment policy. That law was enacted under President Clinton in 1998.

DOL Event 2The Town Hall meeting was organized by the Department of Labor (DOL) Region 6, headquartered in San Francisco, in partnership with Skyline College’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD). The DOL Region 6 encompasses a large area including Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, American Samoa, Saipan-CNMI, Federated States of Micronesia, and Territory of Guam.

In the opening plenary, Skyline College Vice President of Administration Eloisa Briones highlighted the community college connection to the new WIOA by mentioning President Obama’s visit to the Los Angeles Trade Technical College soon after signing the WIOA.

She also mentioned Skyline College’s long history of collaborating with the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and the DOL on various workforce training projects. The WIB is a local agency that received federal dollars to guide workforce policy and investment at the local level with other industry and education partners.

Virginia Hamilton, Regional Administrator and Bryan Rogers, Regional Director of the DOL Region 6, facilitated morning and evening group discussions. Participants identified and prioritized various aspects of WIOA implementations strategies.

The event commenced with panel discussions by representatives from the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Education, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Under direction of Dr. Raj Lathigara (Director of the CWD), Rita Gulli, Aaron Wilcher, Soledad McCarthy, Jeremy Evangelista, and Alina Varona from the CWD helped organize this event. Staff from the Department of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at Skyline College assisted with the event publicity.

Article by Raj Lathigara | Photos by Maryam Ali and Claudia Paz

The Skyline College TRiO-SSS Program is proud to introduce the 2014-2015 TRiO Ambassador Team.

These outstanding scholars will champion a myriad of civic engagement and targeted outreach on and off campus on behalf of the Student Support Services program. The scope of their work will elevate a broad swath of community activism and dialogue through the implementation of service learning curriculum for our 330 TRiO students as well as classroom presentations, culturally-relevant learning opportunities, leadership development, and network building in the larger community for those serving first-generation, low-income and other historically marginalized populations. You will find their photos and brief introductions below:

Jessica Baumann“Hello my name is Jessica Baumann and I am a new TRIO Ambassador. I look forward to being a resource of information for my fellow Skyline students. I am also a Senator in the ASSC Student Government and President of LASO (Latin American Student Organization). I feel it is important for students to be aware of all the resources on campus in order to become empowered and successful.  These different programs and organizations have helped me to succeed academically and take advantage of all the resources on campus.”

Drea Gabriel“My name is Drea Gabriel and I was born and raised in Southeast San Diego, home of the San Diego Super Chargers!  This year I have the privilege of serving as a TRiO Student Support Service Ambassador for the fall 2014 semester. In addition to my TRiO duties & obligations, I also hold a student teaching position at our wonderful Skyline College Child Development Center, I am the Beta Theta Omicron Vice President of Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society), and I recently completed an internship at the San Mateo Probations Juvenile Department.

Hopefully my experiences as an ambassador, probations intern, student teacher, and Psychology major will come in handy as I pursue my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.”

Danel Erazo “Hello my name is Daniel Erazo.  This is my second year as a TRIO Ambassador, and I am very excited to be part of the team again this year.  I have been heavily involved in TRIO during my time at Skyline College as a student, club member, and ambassador.  I served as the TRIO club president, and been part of the organizational committee for National TRIO Day the last couple of years.  I am studying business with the hopes of having my own business someday.  As a side note, I have a huge sweet tooth, so you can always win me over with candy.”

TRiO Ambassadors Currently Offering Classroom Presentations

Trio Ambassadors 2We are thrilled to announce that our TRiO Student Ambassadors are currently offering brief (3-5 minute) classroom presentations to highlight the benefits of becoming a member of the TRiO Family.  As a TRiO student, individuals would have FREE access to services that include but are not limited to:

  • Specialized TRiO Counseling (Academic, Career, Personal)
  • One-on-one tutoring (English/Math)
  • Scholarships (TRiO Grant-Aid)
  • College Campus Visits
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities

We understand that class time is precious and at a premium. To that end, we can assure you that our presentations will be concise and informative.  If interested, please email Drea Gabriel at  (TRiO Ambassador) to confirm time, date and room number.  We look forward to hearing from everyone and visiting your classrooms in the near future.

Please consider joining our TRiO FAMILY!

Article by Arash Daneshzadeh

Skyline View Editorial Up for Story of the Year Award

Story of the Year FinalistsA Skyline View editorial published in spring 2014 about the campus media policy has been picked as a Story of the Year finalist by a national journalism organization.

Former Skyline View Editor in Chief Aaron Washington and current Editor in Chief Michelle Kelly, who penned the editorial on behalf of the staff, are up for the prestigious award under the editorial/opinion category of the 2014 Associated Collegiate Press Story of the Year Contest. Among the other schools listed as finalists in this category are Yale University and UCLA.

Winners will be announced Nov. 1 at the National College Media Convention in Philadelphia.

You can check out all the finalists here:

Article and photo by Nancy Kaplan-Biegel

Former EOPS Student Wins $1000 CCCEOPSA Scholarship

CCCEOPSA Scholarship WinnerPyae Sone, a former EOPS student, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship by the California Community Colleges Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Association (CCCEOPSA).  He recently graduated summa cum laude with two Associate Degrees, and is continuing his studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Davis.  Pyae was also accepted at UCs Berkeley, San Diego and Santa Cruz; and CSUs San Jose & Sacramento.

“Personally, EOPS Counseling, book grants, and calculator loan programs have been vital.  Indeed, I would not be who I am today without EOPS support,” he acknowledged.

Article by Imelda Hermosillo | Photo by Pyae Sone

Inspiration Found at UC Berkeley’s MESA Engineering Day

SHPE SACNAS MESA Cal Day 2014On Friday, October 3, a group of Skyline College students traveled to UC Berkeley, joining over 100 other students from California community colleges for MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) Engineering Day.

Activities included Personal Statement and Financial Aid Workshops, Engineering and Biology Laboratory tours, and networking with other students from as far south as Ventura.  One highlight for the Skyline College MESA Engineering students who attended was a panel comprised of recent UC Berkeley transfer students.  They described their transfer experiences and the high demand that the school has for its students; it was encouraging and inspiring for those in attendance.

Pictured are (L-R) Nery Barrera, Griselda Castillo, Daniel Dela Cruz, Daniel Jose and Roberto “Carlos” Segura.

Article by Alana Utsumi and Stephen Fredricks | Photo by Stephen Fredricks

Patient Navigator Students Navigate Health Careers at UC Davis’ Pre-Health Career Conference

Pre-healthcareer students at UC DavisIn the wee hours of dawn this last Saturday, at 4:00 am, five Skyline College and six Cañada College students in the new patient navigator program gathered at Stanford to board a bus for the 12th annual UC Davis Pre-Medicine & Pre-Health Career National Conference held October 11-12. After shaking off the long drive and stunted slumber, students took a variety of workshops over the two days with admissions specialists, academic faculty, employers, working professionals and other community college and university students pursuing interests in multiple health science disciplines.  The objective of the annual conference is “to introduce and support academic, admission and preparatory opportunities for all students interested in health professions with a focus on those underrepresented in healthcare (with regard to gender, economic, social, educational, linguistic, cultural, racial, and ethnic background).”

All five students are currently enrolled in the new patient navigator program—a partnership between SMCCD and Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI). Through this program, students acquire a breadth of skills to guide medically underserved and linguistically isolated patient populations (many of whom have more healthcare choices due to the Affordable Care Act) through the healthcare delivery system. AACI generously awarded full scholarships for each of these students to attend the 2 day conference—including transportation, meals and hotel stay.

At the conference, students registered for workshops in the discipline areas of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy or public health, whichever most closely matched their educational and career interests. Workshops covered topics from “The Future of Nursing” to “Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Healthcare” to “MCAT: Learn the Facts from the Test” and so much more.

While the workshops provided valuable tips on preparing for advanced education in healthcare, perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the conference was the opportunity to connect with and learn from other students from community colleges, high schools and universities with shared interests. As one student put it, “It was so motivating to see all of the other students like me who wanted to go into nursing. Sometimes I think I’m the only one, but there were so many other students there with the same interests as me and that was really motivating.”

Article by Paul Rueckhaus | Photo by Anna Jung

TRiO Hosts Fall Kickoff Celebration

Trio Kickoff 2 Our TRiO Student Support Services program hosted its fall semester Kickoff Celebration on September 5, 2014.

TRiO Student Support Services or “SSS” exists to help enhance the persistence and achievement rates of well over 300 of Skyline College’s low-income, disabled, and first-generation students who intend to graduate with an associate degree, and/or transfer into four-year colleges and universities. At the Kickoff Celebration, a cadre of SSS scholars were served a delicious pizza lunch and refreshments. SSS scholars participated in team-building activities and an opportunity drawing courtesy of our colleagues in the Skyline College Bookstore.

Trio Kickoff 2As well, at the celebration event, the newest members of our staff were introduced. Our counseling staff provided crucial updates to students and partnering programs in attendance showed their support. The programmatic updates largely centered on special events and services germane to student development including, but not limited to, campus visits to four-year institutions of higher education, mobilizing the community-oriented TRiO Club members and its newly elected governance body, the TRiO Scholarship award, cultural and leadership activities, and mentoring opportunities for academic as well as professional enrichment.

In concert with the host of student leaders who comprise TRiO SSS, we look forward to cultivating spaces of academic opportunity, cultural sharing, civic engagement and professional development as we advance the charge towards social equity and access embodied by Skyline College’s overall vision.

Skyline College TRiO Program is still admitting prospective SSS Scholars into their cohort for 2014-2015 academic year.  To obtain a TRiO SSS application, go to or come to the TRiO SSS office located in the Learning Center of Building 5. Complete and submit the application to our office. For more information, call (650) 738-4144.

Article by Arash Daneshzadeh

Skyline College ACCEL Team Attends Statewide AB 86 Summit

ACCELOn October 6 and 7, 2014, Language Arts Dean Mary Gutiérrez and ESOL faculty Leigh Anne Shaw attended the statewide AB 86 Regional Planning Summit.  They were joined by representative members of their local AB 86 consortium, ACCEL:  Tim Doyle, Assistant Director of San Mateo Adult Education and Adult Ed ESL faculty Patricia Brown.  The two-day event took place in Sacramento and was a historic opportunity for representatives from all seventy consortia to meet and work on the development of a framework aligning the curriculum and programs in Adult Basic Education and Community Colleges.

The first day featured representatives from the state legislature responding to panel questions regarding the expectations and hopes of AB 86′s charge.  Then, participants broke into work groups and discussed vision, structure, and funding mechanisms for the two systems.  The second day featured a discussion of organizational change and further work on alignment ideas.  Elements highlighted at the summit included the need for equalized funding and workload between credit and noncredit, dedicated funding for adult education, and the concept of “no wrong door” for students seeking skills improvement.

More information on the work being done on AB 86  in San Mateo County can be found at

Career Services Center Hosts Fall 2014 Internships & Social Impact Fair

Career Center Internship Fair 2 The Career Services Center hosted the Fall Internships & Social Impact Fair this Wednesday, October 15th with a focus on promoting opportunities to develop professional experience and leadership through community engagement and participation.  The fair was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and reached over 300 students who circulated throughout the morning and afternoon to learn about local opportunities for employment, internships, community service, and volunteering.  Overall the event was both great fun and a great success!

List of ParCareer Center Internship Fairticipants:

  1. Americorp
  2. Habitat for Humanity
  3. Meals on Wheels
  4. Mad Science
  5. Reading Partners
  6. San Francisco LGBT Center
  7. St. Vincent de Paul of San Mateo
  8. Institute for Human and Social Development
  9. Peninsula Television, Inc.
  10. Boys and Girls Club
  11. City of San Bruno – Recreation Division
  12. New Door Ventures
  13. Jobs for Youth
  14. CA Employment Development Department
  15. Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto
  16. Breathe California
  17. Edgewood Drop-In Center
  18. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  19. City of Burlingame
  20. Youth Employment Opportunity Program
  21. Caminar Mental Health
  22. Child Care Coordination Council
  23. Sutter Health
  24. Starbucks
  25. Hilton
  26. Office Depot
  27. Skyline College – Hospitality and Tourism Management Program
  28. Skyline College – SparkPoint Center
  29. Skyline College – TriO Program
  30. Skyline College – Early Childhood Education Department

To learn more about the opportunities promoted at the fair, please log on to where a combination of jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities are listed on daily basis.

Article by Lezra Chenportillo

Walking for Wellness Series Gets Skyline College Employees Exercising

Walking for Wellness GroupIn an effort to get people out of their office and into the fresh air, the “Walking for Wellness” series was formed to encourage healthy activity amongst the employees of Skyline College.  It is co-led by Classified Staff members Sandra Hatzistratis and Kristina Brower, and organized with the immeasurable help of Nina Floro through the CTTL (Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning.)

The first walk took place on Tuesday, October 7, when an enthusiastic group of 15 employees joined together to do a quick trail walk in and around the college campus.  When all was said and done, the group completed a nearly two and a half mile walk, enjoying a clear and beautiful day with amazing views of the Pacific, before going back to work feeling refreshed and invigorated!

“Walking for Wellness” will take place every month on the first Tuesday, at 1:00 pm.  Any Skyline College employees are welcome to join in any walk.  The group will always meet at the Vista Point at the back of the campus before beginning the walk.  If you would like more information, you can visit the CTTL website at, or contact any of the employees mentioned in this article.  We hope you can join us for the next walk at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, November 4!

Pictured are (L-R) Linda Herda, Belinda Chan, Michele Haggar, Nancy Lam, Alana Utsumi, Chikako Walker, Sandra Hatzistratis, Kristina Brower

Article by Alana Utsumi

Mark Matsui Visits the Career Services Center

Mark Matsui at Career CenterOn Friday, October 10, Mark Matsui, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges from the US Dept. of Education Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education, visited Lavinia Zanassi’s Career and Life Planning Class (CRER 137) in the Career Services Center while on a tour of the campus. Mark learned about some of the programs the Career Services Center offers such as Resume and Cover Letter workshops, Job Fairs, career counseling and career assessments.

Mark addressed the students in class and asked about their experience in CRER 137. Abby De Los Reyes, a student in the class, told Mark she believes CRER 137 is beneficial for students who have not yet declared a major as well as first year students, by offering career assessments to help them navigate their career and major options. Other students said they enjoyed learning about the career paths of successful people in different industries as they begin mapping their own career paths. The Career Services Center and Lavinia Zanassi’s CRER 137 class truly enjoyed speaking with Mark Matsui during his tour of Skyline College!

Article and photo by Brian Jenney

ACCEL Forum Brings Adult Education Providers Together

accel Forum2Tuesday, October 14, brought together educators from Skyline College and local adult schools to discuss alignment of the two systems of education.  Nearly fifty people were in attendance to learn about the progress that the San Mateo AB 86 consortium, ACCEL, has made on this project.  Following closely on the heels of the statewide AB 86 Summit held in Sacramento on October 6 and 7, the participants of the Skyline College ACCEL forum analyzed strategies and gave input on key elements needed for a successful alignment of systems.

Facilitator Paul Downs masterfully guided the group into productive breakout sessions where common concerns were highlighted and discussed.  Potential partners and collaborations such as connecting to local businesses and broadening the Career Advancement Academies took prominence in the afternoon’s conversations.

ACCEL’s North County team meets on October 23 at South San Francisco Adult Education on Southwood Avenue.  Any interested participants are asked to contact co-chair Leigh Anne Shaw at for information on getting involved.

Special thanks go to Mary Gutierrez and Michael Manneh for coordination of food and facilities for the event, to Pacific Dining for the delicious lunch, and to ESOL instructor Julie Carey for assisting in making the event a success.

Article by Leigh Anne Shaw

SPARC to host Kathy Blackwood

For those interested in the new proposed Funding Allocation Formula for our District, consider attending the next Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) meeting on Thursday, October 30th from 2:10 – 4:00 pm in Buliding 6, Room 6-203.

Kathy Blackwood will be joining us from the District Office to discuss the new formula and the individual factors that will determine funding for Skyline College moving forward. Please consider joining us for this important and enlightening discussion.

For more information, contact PRIE at (650) 738-7085

Article by Aaron McVean