Printing Instructions

  • Prints are 12¢ per page
  • Purchase a Print/Copy Card in order to print in the Library or The Learning Center (50¢)

The Print/Copy Card:

Vend Card print card

To Buy a Print/Copy Card:To Add Money to Your Print/Copy Card:
copy card tower Card readed on front of copy machine

Print/Copy Cards cost 50¢ and can be purchased using 2 quarters, at the dispenser to the left of the copy machines and to the right of the Circulation Desk.

Once you purchase your Print Copy/Card, we recommend that you write your name on the back of it.

When you buy a Print/Copy Card, it comes with 25¢ already on it. This can be used to print two pages. To add money to your Print/Copy Card, insert it into the Card Reader located on the front on any copy machine and insert your money.

When you have added your desired amount, hit the Eject button to return your Print/Copy Card.

Unfortunately, the Library cannot issue refunds for unused money placed on Print/Copy Cards. We encourage you not to load a large amount of money on the Print/Copy cards.

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