International Trade involves activities related to the global exchange of goods and services to satisfy needs. These activities include acquiring, developing and managing physical, financial, and human resources. Skyline College's program prepares students for many exciting careers in the global business environment.


International trade is a vital part of California's economy. As a matter of fact, one out of every nine jobs in California is tied to trade. California is one of the largest exporting states in the U.S. With the prediction of high growth in international trade, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and young graduates looking for careers in international trade. This industry offers a wide variety of jobs and responsibilities to those interested and trained in this field. International Trade is the flow of goods or services from one country to another. It requires the talents of professionals and support assistants on various levels with a tremendous range of skills.

Examples of specific career opportunities in international trade are: Customs House Broker, Export Agent, Freight Forwarding Specialist, Account Executive, and a variety of positions within state and U.S. government agencies.

Program Description

Developed with the assistance of industry experts and the collective efforts of Skyline faculty, the International Trade Program at Skyline College was redesigned to provide a pragmatic program for employment, continuing education, and education advancement in international trade. There are two options in our program consisting of an Associate Degree and a Certificate of Completion in International Trade. Students can earn a Certificate in International Trade with 18 units consisting of 12 core units and 6 elective units. Upon completion of the Certificate, a student can continue with degree requirement to earn the Associate Degree of Science with a major in International Trade.

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