Nancy Lam (Staff Assistant)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Automotive Skyline
(650) 738-4438/738-7188

Robert Dean (Chief Public Safety Officer)

Public Safety - Public Safety Skyline

Ijaz Ahmed (Director Respiratory Therapy/Allied Health)

Science/Math/Technology - RPTH Skyline

Johannes Masare (Professor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Political Science Skyline

Tina (Jacinda) Watts (Child Development Services Coordinator)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Child Development Center Skyline
(650) 738-7071

Jeffrey Acidera (EOPS Counselor)

Student Services - EOPS/CARE/Calworks Skyline

Brian Daniel (Associate Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - RPTH Skyline

Donna Elliott (Office Assistant II)

Student Services - Health Center Skyline

Alice Erskine (Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - Surg. Tech. Skyline

Golda Margate (Executive Assistant)

VP Student Services - VP Student Services Skyline

Joseph Morello, Jr. (Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance)

Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance - Division Office Skyline

Theresa Sofarelli (Physician Assistant)

Student Services - Health Center Skyline

Alexandria Hatzistratis (Division Assistant)

Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance - Division Office Skyline

Kylin Johnson (Laboratory Technician)

Science/Math/Technology - Biology Skyline

    Andy Chan, ASSC Representative

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