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Schedule and Workshops

2017 Schedule

9:00 - 9:30am General Assembly: "Reach for the Sky"
May Noguchi; Pilot, Southwest Airlines
9:40 - 11:00am Workshop 1 (Choose from selections below)
11:10 - 12:30pm Workshop 2 (Choose from selections below)
12:40 - 1:15pm Lunch
1:25 - 2:45pm Workshop 3 (Choose from selections below)
2:50 - 3:00pm General Assembly II (Contest prizes)
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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

1.  Are all bacteria bad for you? How about probiotics? Do you think bacteria always cause disease? Do you know some foods such as cheese, yogurt, and miso soup contain bacteria that are good for you? Come to our workshop and check out the probiotics. Jing Folsom. Skyline College.

2.  Be a Disease Detective. Learn about epidemiology and what the disease detectives do while tracking the source of an epidemic. Pinkal Tandel, Michelle Chee, Kelly Wong, Alyssa Marquina, Mariela Francisco, Clayton Chin. Skyline College.

3.  Bioluminescent Bacteria: Glow-in-the-Dark Artists! Invisible organisms can team up to produce their own light, no electricity involved! Explore how to grow these fascinating little creatures and observe their beautiful glowing art. Nada Nekrep. Skyline College.

4.  C.S.I. San Bruno: Murder in the produce aisle. Interview and fingerprint the suspect, then analyze DNA to solve the crime. Karen Lai, Doris Fernandez, Fnu Yunanda, Ariana Munroe, Samantha Abuzahriyeh, Ben Liu, Anthony Petraki, Christine Abella, Sufang Tan, Luis De Alba. Skyline College.

5.  Compost is Cool. Participants will learn about the environmental science relating to food, gain an understanding of composting, and learn the benefits of composting at home. Get your hands dirty at the worm compost petting zoo while interacting with the organisms that help decompose organic material. Julie Barstow, Hilary Ego. San Mateo County Community College District. 

6.  Marvelous Microbiology! Did you know you interact with invisible microbes every day? We will discover microbes in food production, in nature, in our bodies, and in making goods. We will make root beer, look at bacteria, fungi, and protozoa through a microscope, and even perform biochemical tests that are done in real labs! Lillian Sturmer, Leslie Franco, Connie Kong. Skyline College. 

7.  Scrambled Eggs with a Side of Flu Vaccine. At Skyline Vaccines Inc., participants will develop and produce a mock-up of a putative Flu vaccine. Hone your scientific-method skills using chicken eggs to produce a vaccine that you will test. Pierre Alvin Go. Skyline College. 

8.  Synthetic Biology. Come and explore all the things that bacteria can do for us. We will play with bacteria that produce color, pleasant smells, and even light. You have heard about the bad side of bacteria - now see how they can work for us. Vivionna Tran. Skyline College. 

9.  The Homunculus Mapper: Map your Brain. Your brain uses maps to help it understand sensory messages (vision, touch, etc.). Learn about these and draw your own brain’s map! Emily Dilger. California Academy of Sciences. 

10.  Under the Sea - Rocky Shore Animal Exploration. Meet local marine scientists and learn how to pursue a career in marine biology. We will interact with live tidepool animals such as sea stars, crabs, and fish. Carlie Cooney. Marine Science Institute. 

11.  Our Changing Oceans. Learn about our changing oceans and what we can do to fix them! We will learn about the basics of climate change and how carbon emissions sink into the oceans, disrupting the chemistry. Meet live aquatic invertebrates, including sea stars and sea urchins, in the touch tank. Mayra Rivas, Daniel Elkin. Aquarium of the Bay.

12.  What’s in your Drinking Water? What makes your drinking water taste? What makes it safe? Look for living creatures in your water and build a working water filtration system. Stephanie Rider, Casey Brown, Sarika Robinson, Cassandra Gutierrez, Darline Nguyen, Paul Tonga, Natalia Parradaza, Sasha Rodriguez. Skyline College.

13.  F.B.I. + Soil = Equation for an Organic Future. Investigate Fungi, Bacteria and Invertebrates and discover the biology and chemistry behind the soil food web. Construct your own factory of organic soil and hire the happiest and most productive workers! Nancy Kruberg, Kelly Torikai, Vivian Stiassny, Sol Puenzo. San Mateo County Office of Sustainability. 

14.  What’s In That Water? A Hunt For Microorganisms In Water! A look at microscopic life in water through live slides and staining techniques. We will explore bacteria, protozoa, and algae using microscopy. Janelle Barbier. Skyline College.

15.  Let’s go Batty! This workshop will introduce bat ecology and the basics of sound analysis through which different bat species will be identified. Daria Genzel-Wehrfritz. UC Berkeley.

16.  Build your own Microscope! Build a digital microscope using a cell phone and use it to make observations of sample slides that we will prepare together. Continue your scientific exploration when you take your microscope home! Pamela Rios Coronado, Bardo Castro, Rebecca Belloso, Victoria Raflaski. University of California, San Francisco.

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Medicine & Allied Health

17.  Finding patient zero! How do epidemics like the Zika outbreak occur? Find out how diseases are transmitted 
and track an epidemic. Be ready for your hands to glow! Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa. Skyline College. 

18.  Introduction to Surgery. This is an introduction to real operating room surgical skills. Merrit Koskelo, Luz Corona Gomez. Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara.

19.  RTs Make You Breathe. What is your Super Power? Explore the field of Respiratory Therapy in a fun and friendly environment. Discover what cigarette smoking really does to your lungs and learn how to battle lung disease such as Asthma with future Respiratory Therapists. Luma Jildeh. Skyline College Respiratory Care Program.

20.  Scrub in for Surgery. See what goes on in an Operating Room. Come learn how to “scrub-in” just like the surgeons and nurses do. Alice Erskine. Skyline College Surgical Technology Program. 

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Math, Engineering, & Computer Science

21.  Girls on the Mic! Explore the careers of Recording Engineers, Music Producers, Live Sound Engineers, and more. Learn to record music and produce music, create sound for video, and set up sound for a live concert. Come ready to make some noise at Girls on the Mic! Kelley Coyne. Women’s Audio Mission.

22.   Let Me Tell You a Secret. Keeping personal information confidential is much harder now that the internet exists. Your personal information is important and you should only share it with whom you want and when you want. Many individuals are interested in stealing your personal information for their own use. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of cryptography used in secure communication. Madhuri Kode. Rambus, Inc.

23.  Let There be Light. Light is all around you, but how much do you really know about how light is created? Are you in the dark about the language used to describe light and laser optics? Participants will build their own “flashlight” with LEDs, a PCB, a light guide with microlens, a few connectors, and adhesives. Then use R, G and B LEDs to experience the components of a simple LED light fixture and explore color mixing to make white light. By the end of this workshop, you’ll see the light! Liji Gopalakrishnan, Laura Stark, Thi Nguyen. Skyline College. 

24.  Love at First Byte. Write a computer program in BASIC! Debug (fix) an adventure game program. Play and modify other games on the computer. Adrienne Jardetzky.

25.  Make your own electric motor. Visit Skyline’s new state-of-the-art Engineering Fabrication Lab, where you will use magnets and electricity to assemble your own electric motor. Ilkka Koskelo. Skyline College.

26.  Soft Circuitry. Ever wonder how electricity moves around and turns things on? Join this workshop to find out more about electricity and circuits, and make a light-up bracelet to take home. Ginny Delaney. Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley. 

27.  Solar Technology & Building Science are Solutions to Climate Change. This workshop is all about immediate and viable solutions to climate change. Learn energy fundamentals such as where we get energy and how we use it on this planet. Understand the difference between clean and dirty energy, and how important renewable energy is for our sustainable future. Bruce Greenstein. Skyline College Center for Sustainable Construction. 

28.  Recreational Mathematics (really!). Play and explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through puzzles and problems. Nancy Blachman. Math Delights.  

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Physical Sciences

29.  Chemistry Magic Show. Learn the secrets behind the world’s most famous magic tricks. Nancy Ruis, Safiyyah Forbes, Alicia Luhrs. Skyline College.

30.   Science with a Bounce! Make your own bouncy ball and take it home. Learn about how different chemicals react together. Question what each chemical does and how variations in amounts play a role. Get a quick preview on what bioengineering is and have the opportunity to ask questions of a bioengineer. Kavita Kumar. UC Merced.

31.  Covergirl Chemist. We want to introduce young women to the STEM fields. This workshop will focus on making homemade beauty products like lip balm and bath bombs. Bailey Warner, Katelyn Kukar, Kayla Tabari. USF. 

32.  Exploring the Earth Where You Live. Learn about the geology and Earth processes in your area and investigate geologic hazards and how to prepare for them. Carla Grandy. Skyline College. 

33.  Flubber and Silly Putty. Have you ever wondered how fun toys like Silly Putty, Gak, and Slime are made? It’s the properties of polymers. These large molecules are bouncy, slimy, stretchy—and just plain fun. Experience the excitement and fun of chemistry in this workshop. Diala Mudawar, Elizabeth Phamhi, Aayushma Guatam, Ayesha Iqbal, Daniel Imseeh. Skyline College.

34.  Home Sweet Home Project. Be an Architect! Have you ever tried building things? How about building a house for your own? Design your dream home with us and be an Architect! Wut Yee Htwe (California College of the Arts), Akayi Thein, Justin Tom, Xiaowen Cai, Wai Hnin Oo, Thanh Nguyen, Moe Eaindra. Skyline College.

35.  I Lava Science. Build a DIY lava lamp using hydrophobic interactions, explore the mysterious properties of ooblek under pressure and behold a volcanic chemical reaction, all while learning to lava science! Ciara Murphy, Taylor Ruggiero, Kate Tschudi. Genentech. 

36.  Into the Vortex. Build your own vortex cannon and learn about how air travels! Ramsess Quezada, Cameron Michel, Maddy Migliozzi. University of San Francisco.

37.  Mint Chromatography. In this hands-on chromatography experiment, students will first begin to understand the concept of chromatography. Students will grind and extract pigments and essential oils from mint leaves and then separate the pigments on a dried eatable gum paste disk. The disk can be then be dried and eaten. Daria Doubnova. Skyline College.

38.  The Science of Stacking Liquids and Floating Metal. Explore the science of everyday density by learning how to stack common liquids and float metal objects! Leslie Welch, Felicia Reid, Natalie Garcia. Genentech. 

39.  The Scientist in the Kitchen: Molecular Gastronomy. Explore the physical and chemical changes that occur while cooking. Participants will conduct the culinary process of spherification: shaping liquids into spherical treats! Janah May Oclaman, Christopher Amaro, Alma Elizabeth, Sachin Sharma, Josh Walters, Raycel Lacap, Martha Marquez. Skyline College.

40.  Experiments in Space - Where no one can hear you scream. See ice, water, and steam at one time. Coat a penny with gold. Figure out what happens to water, light, and sound when there is no air. Watch a marshmallow Peep blow up. These hands-on experiments promise noise…and fun. Janice Mcomber, Lucia Feng. Skyline College.

41.  Want to be a Teacher? Learn some fun, hands-on science activities to do with children. Children are natural scientists. They are constantly exploring and trying to make sense of the world. Educators can encourage this exploration by providing interesting materials and asking children to make hypotheses about what will happen. Kristina Brower, Martina Center. Skyline College. 

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Life Skills

42.   A Day in the Life of a College Student with Skyline College graduates Pauline Mccay (U.C. Berkeley), Jaimelynn Alvarez (U.C. Santa Cruz), Susan Wu (U.C. Davis), Wafa Zeidan (U.C. Davis). 

44.  Dream It, Be It - Rising Above Obstacles. Addresses adversity women of all ages face in career advancement; it’s important for girls to be aware of likely obstacles to their career success. Sylvia Payne, Barbara Irli, Judy Lewis. Soroptomist International North San Mateo County.

45.  Count down to zero! - A zero waste lifestyle intro. Understand the steps you can take to help the environment by adopting a zero waste lifestyle! Learn how you can make your own basic products at home to reduce purchasing packaged items. Keep up to date with fashion without having to purchase new clothing and learn how to make your own compost pit to reduce the amount of trash being thrown into the landfills. Angelique Fuentes, Brittany Pope, Chloe Encenzo. Energize Colleges at Skyline College.

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Program for Adults

46.  Financing Your Education. Learn about Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources to pay for your child’s college education.  Skyline College Financial Aid.

47.   College 101: An Exploration of College Programs, Processes, and Resources. New to college? Join us and learn about college programs, student resources, and student services along with the nuts and bolts of becoming a college student: registration, placement tests, and financial aid. Alina Varona, Jeremy Evangelista, Lauren Ford. Skyline College.

48.  The Power of Nature. Save the Earth, Save Yourselves! Let’s explore how we can connect with nature and empower our children to make a difference. Learn how to save the Earth and save money at the same time!  Nicole Larsen, Oceanic Society Naturalist.

49.  When it all goes wrong. Join an interactive discussion to figure out what can be done when you go down the wrong path. Carina Anttila-Suarez. Skyline College.

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