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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: If my institution cannot send a team of 10 to the academy, can I attend as an individual?
A: The academy is an experience designed for teams so we cannot accept registration for individual people.

Q: It says the registration fee is $10,000. Does that cost change if I have less than 10 people attending?
A: $10,000 is the flat fee to send a maximum of 10 people. For example, if your institution sends a group of 6 people, it still costs $10,000.00 to attend.

Q: If I’m not a faculty member, can I attend the academy?
A: Yes. In order to maximize the experience and ensure that the information and strategies learned at the academy will be implemented at your respective institutions, we recommend sending a diverse group that should include classified staff and administrators.
For this particular academy, the recommended audience is Faculty Members (counseling and instructional), Academic Deans, Academic Senate leadership, Professional Development Coordinators, Support Staff for instruction, Student Equity/Student Services Directors, and Vice Presidents of Instruction.