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Trade Missions

What are Trade Missions?

Trade Missions are overseas programs for U.S. firms that wish to explore and pursue export opportunities by meeting directly with potential clients in their market.

Outbound Trade Missions include: (taken from

  • One-to-one meetings with foreign industry executives and government officials, pre-screened to match your specific business objectives whether for representation, direct sales or joint ventures in the local market.
  • Networking events with guests from local industry multipliers including Chambers of Commerce, associations and business councils that are influential in the business community.
  • Briefings and roundtables with the legal and business community on local business practices and opportunities.
  • Site visits to local facilities where your technologies/services may be applied.
  • Media coverage.

Inbound Trade Missions can be arranged, but fees will vary depending on complexity of mission.

For more information about inbound and outbound trade missions, please contact or