Private = Public

 February 7 - March 18, 2011

The artists in Private = Public all are active in both public art projects and private studio practice. This exhibition looks at the connections- physical, stylistic and conceptual - between the two modes of working.

Jet Martinez is a Mexican born, San Francisco based Muralist and Painter. Well known within the public art community, his public murals are mainly concerned with social issues relating to the human role within nature, while his studio work is more focused on materials and rich detailing, using imagery developed from natural forms.

Robert Ortbal’s sculptures and installations investigate and describe intimately personal terrain. His work expands the personal into the public via exhibition spaces and public art projects. Ortbal has shown his work extensively in the Bay Area and beyond, and has done public projects at the Oakland International Airport and the U.C. Davis Medical Center.

Johanna Poethig is a visual artist very active in the public art arena. Her work reflects an interest in establishing a dialogue between the public and personal, blending the two seamlessly. She recently completed two major public projects in downtown San Francisco, and her paintings and other works have been exhibited at numerous venues, in the U.S, and abroad.

William Wareham creates series of works with a strong common thread, and has completed numerous large-scale public projects in addition to his prolific studio activity. Public commissions include Spirit Ship, located at Mare Island in Vallejo CA, a tribute to the ship workers there. His paintings, drawings, and collages share a kindred feeling of sculptural presence to that found in his 3D works.

John Wehrle is a California based artist best known for his site-specific public artworks. Projects include interior and exterior wall paintings as well as more elaborate installations that combine text, painting, ceramic tile or relief sculpture. Studio works explore a wide range of themes, and share the artists’ interest in trompe l’oeil mischiefism and 3-Dimensional sleight-of-hand hi-jinks.

Megan Wilson is a visual artist based out of San Francisco. She creates large-scale installations that incorporate traditional crafts and decoration as a point of entry and engagement for the issues she addresses conceptually. Exploring the intersections between art and life and architecture and design, both public and private projects show the artists’ strong interest in the ephemeral via the creation of transient site-specific works.

Left- detail, installation by Megan Wilson   Right- paintings by Jet Martinez

Sculptures by William Wareham

Paintings by Johanna Poethig

Sculpture by John Wehrle

Left- John Wehrle, Sculpture on wall to right- Robert Ortbal

Sculptures by Robert Ortbal

Paintings- Johanna Poethig

Left group- Robert Ortbal,  Right group- William Wareham

Works by William Wareham

Installation- Megan Wilson

Left- Megan Wilson,  Paintings to right- Jet Martinez