The three artists in this exhibition all employ a process of looking-distilling landscape referents to create their imagery. Visual elements of the seen environment undergo a process of extraction, abstraction, simplification, and, ultimately, reification as painted images.






Nick Perret lives and works most of the year on the Greek Aegean island of Samos. Though his work appears abstract, much of the work has its basis in and is derived from the landscape. Over the last 26 years living in Samos, his work has gone through a transformation from figurative to abstract, a process of distilling the essence of what he sees and feels.

paintings by Nick Perret

Robert Poplack paints outdoors from nature as a long-standing discipline, and working from the plein air images, develops larger abstract works in the studio. He is currently an Associate Professor of Art, and Director of the Wiegand Gallery at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California.

paintings by Robert Poplack

Tim Spaulding's paintings have the beach, the surf, the meeting of land and sea as their subject matter. He paints in his studio rather than outdoors, working on unstretched canvas or paper, which is tacked or taped to the wall. Many of the paintings in this show are developed from the small drawings that Tim makes daily in a notepad while surfing at his favorite spots in and around Pacifica.

paintings by Tim Spaulding