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Félix Lazo

Santiago based Chilean artist Félix Lazo's work relates to perception and cognition, looking into how we relate to what our senses receive and how we make sense and meaning from this information. His recent projects create sonic and visual environments using animation, video, sculptural and sound elements, using a variety of technologies. In writing about his Autopoietic Systems Lazo describes them as: multimedia interaction and retro-feeding machines (software+hardware) that generate an audio and visual response in direct relation to visual and auditory stimuli from the environment.

Image stills from 2006Algorythmic.
Duration: minimum 4 minutes, maximum: indefinite. This piece has been shown at: Música e Imágenes en Vivo, Bellas Artes Underground Station and at the Video and New Media Biennale 2006, Santiago; SAT Gallery, Montreal, Canada 2008. Casa Encendida, Madrid, España 2008

Sound and Visual Interactive Installation, AC Gallery, 2012, New York, USA
Instalación visual y sonora interactiva, Galería AC, 2012, New York, USA

234 origami sintetic paper boxes
Two PC Pentium 4, Windows XP Computers
One Direccional microphone
Sound System
Three interactive programs design by the artist in two different programing languages,
(SuperCollider (audio) y C++ (openFrameworks)
Two Data Projectors

Performance of autopieticSystem V at tyhe Centro Cultural de España, Santiago, Noviembre 2009

2009, Screen shot of experimental software developed by the artist