Body Language: Figures in Clay

February 4 - March 9, 2013

Lorraine Bonner

Art saved my life. It came to me, unexpected, when I was lost in the aftermath of extreme childhood trauma. Art allowed voices, hidden and near death, to bring themselves forward to be known, without the need for dangerous words. As my practice  has deepened, art has showed me the links between my own suffering and that of other beings, even of the earth herself, and my feeling of lethal aloneness has begun to ebb. And the stark presentation of black and white has opened my understanding to the ways in which innocent dualities become oppressive hierarchies, and made it possible for me to think about political healing in much larger ways than are usually presented.

Lately my work has evolved to include spoken word, in the form of short videos. Here is the first: “Trust Is Your Birthright.”


Frontrunners, 2007. Clay

Explorer, 2009. Clay, Telescopes and Glow in Dark Paint

Millennial Child, 2008. Clay