September 9- October 26, 2013

 Jerry Ross Barrish


On view now- An assortment of eccentric figure sculptures fashioned by Pacifica-based Artist Jerry Ross Barrish. Made from recycled material that Barrish scavenges at the beach and other locations, the sculptures are constructed and then used in narratives that the artist writes and explores in his videos.

from Jerry Barrish on Vimeo.

Jerry Ross Barrish is a S.F. Bay Area based sculptor and filmmaker, who works in San Francisco, and lives in Pacifica, CA. Barrish creates figurative sculptures from recycled debris that he scavenges, and the resultant works have a powerful storytelling feel to them. His interest in narrative content is evident in the sculptural groupings, titles, and short films that he makes using his sculptures as characters. His artworks have been shown in a wide range of venues, and are part of the permanent collections of a number of museums including the Oakland Museum, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Berkeley Art Museum, and many others. Barrish is currently working on a large bronze public sculpture that will be installed at the former Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco, as part of the S.F. Redevelopment Commission’s plan for the area.

Sound Guy, 2010

My Bolex

Essence of Marlene