Three Corner Symphony

September 15 - October 21, 2011

Malcolm Mooney

Malcolm Mooney is a visual and performing artist, and was the original vocalist with the late 60s / early 70’s German rock band CAN. Malcolm Mooney’s recordings with Can remain highly influential to this day. Mooney’s first album with Can, ‘Monster Movie’ (1969) defined Can music sound. He recorded a second album with the band, Soundtracks (1970) before leaving the band in 1970 to return to the United States to focus on his career as a visual artist. In 1986 Mooney rejoined Can to record the reunion album ‘Rite Time.’ Since then Mooney has continued to make art, write, and work on musical projects including recordings done in the Bay Area with ‘Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet’.
 He has exhibited his work extensively, and received an MFA from California State University Los Angeles in 1987, and a BFA from Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in 1979.

from Site Pacific Series, Digital Photographic Print


from performance at the Skyline College Theater- Malcolm Mooney and the 10th Planet