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Skyline College makes it possible to achieve all of your educational goals. Whether you are interested in automotive technology, accounting, computers or cosmetology, business or biomanufacturing — or even if you're not sure what you want to do — we have certificate and degree programs that can lead to a successful, productive and fulfilling future. You will benefit from Skyline College's individualized attention and an extensive array of student support services.

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Business: Warehousing and Logistics

Below, you can find the courses you need to take to complete your degree or certificate program.

Requirements below should be used as a guide only. Current students should consult DegreeWorks for their specific requirements based on their catalog rights. Degreeworks Report
Goal Certificate of Specialization (C5)
Catalog Rights Academic Year 2015-2016
Warehousing - Logistics - Skyline - cert
Minimum Credits Required: 17
Warehousing and Logistics
4 Credits in BUS. 269
Purchasing and Supply Management
3 Credits in BUS. 284
Inventory Management
3 Credits in BUS. 285
Transportation Management
3 Credits in BUS. 286
Business Work Experience
1 Credit in BUS. 670
Introduction to MS Office Suite
2 Credits in BCM. 200
Guidance Seminar Group
1 Credit in CRER 650

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