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Garlington Award

Achievement in Excellence

The Garlington Award is given in honor of Phil Garlington, the first President of Skyline College (1969-72). The award is given to a student-athlete who has competed at Skyline for two years, has achieved success in the classroom, has achieved personal / team / conference or state level success in their sport and plans on furthering their education at a four-year institution. A list of Garlington Award recipients is below.

Award Recepients

Name Year Sport(s)
Agustin Arroyo 2013 Men’s Basketball
Derrick Hoo 2013 Wrestling
Adriana Cortes 2012 Women’s Soccer
Kelly Huey 2012 Women’s Basketball
Anthony Smith 2012 Men’s Basketball
Midori Sera 2011 Women’s Soccer
Mark Hoem 2011 Baseball
Jonah Lu 2010 Women’s Basketball & Badminton
Lucas Hagberg 2010 Baseball
Jessica Portillo 2009 Women’s Soccer
Shawn Echols 2009 Men’s Basketball
Marie Colon 2008 Women’s Basketball
Jason Moorhouse 2008 Wrestling
Nancy Chicas 2007 Women’s Soccer
Tony Patch 2007 Men’s Basketball
Alexcis Lara 2006 Wrestling
Paul Phangureh 2006 Men’s Basketball
Sin Yee Cheung 2005 Badminton
Stephen Dorst 2005 Baseball
Julia Bandong 2004 Volleyball
William Vogl 2004 Baseball
Christopher Watters 2003 Baseball
Deniz Akmese 2002 Wrestling
Michael Shoonmaker 2002 Men’s Basketball
Tricia Sanford 2001 Volleyball
Matt Wurdinger 2001 Men’s Basketball
Robert Chipman 2000 Wrestling
Janet Cordellos 1998 Volleyball
Ernesto Duenas 1998 Soccer
Kristen Carley 1997 Softball and Cross Country
Roger Ibanez 1996 Soccer
Eric Weldon 1995 Track & Field
Dale Brewer 1993 Baseball
Lee Adkins 1992 Track & Field
Lanettra Powell 1991 Track & Field, Volleyball
Bob Freschi 1990 Baseball
Vern Thompson 1989 Basketball
Milt Richardson 1988 Baseball
Rex Manu 1988 Basketball
Joyce Fremstad 1987 Track & Field
Mike Gravelle 1986 Track & Field
Chis Gaggero 1985 Baseball
Vince Ottoboni 1984 Soccer
Linda Spaargaren 1983 Cross Country and Track & Field
John Garvey 1982 Track & Field
Cyrus Stutts 1981 Basketball
Kilistina Paleplae 1980 Volleyball and Basketball
Steve Roller 1980 Track & Field
Lorens Lebherz 1979 Track & Field
Craig Schoene 1978 Wrestling
Dan John 1977 Track & Field
Yaacov Yami 1976 Soccer
Ike Allmond 1975 Track & Field
Jim Wyatt 1974 Track & Field
Gordon Snyder 1973 Track & Field
Paul Reynolds 1972 Basketball
Don Wright 1971 Wrestling
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